Dr Faustus, Surry Hills

  6 April 2015


With all the burger joints popping up you would think I’d be sick of burgers by now but nay. I love a good burger! So when Dr Faustus (380 Cleveland St, Surry Hills) opened just a short walk away from work I knew I had to check them out. The Dr Faustus burger ($15) has a ridiculously juicy patty made of chuck and brisket, secret sauce, melty American cheese, pickles and housed in a fluffy milk bun. I wasn’t a fan of the sad bits of lettuce hiding on the bottom but this was easily extracted and discarded but I loved the super generous pile of golden fries and barely managed to make a dent in them.

The Our Way BLT ($14) is quite a sight, the triple decker sandwich is stacked high and skewered together with a pickle. The BLT isn’t quite what we were expecting though, the bacon isn’t in rasher form but minced instead with onion and foie gras “smear” and the overall taste and mouth-feel made me feel like I was kinda eating a super rich pork floss sandwich? My visit was about a month ago and I’ve seen other pics where you get a wedge of lettuce on the side but ours came with crispy fries which was good for us because we love our deep fried carbs.

I didn’t know what a Welsh Rarebit ($13) was and blindly ordered this without googling but basically it’s bread covered in sauce and cheese. The Dr Faustus version has a rich Guinness béchamel sauce, melty aged cheddar and Worcestershire sauce and I added an egg ($3) because hey, I love eggs. I got a tad angry when I was cutting into the bread and the paper beneath disintegrated and mixed with my food so in the end I just picked up a slice and munched away haha I’m all class.

The Taco Salad ($15) is presented in a tall hipster jar and Caitlin is instructed to shake it so all the ingredients mix and get coated with the chipotle dressing. Interactive lunch! The jar contained ground chicken, crisp romain lettuce leaves, olives, corn kernels, tomato, avocado and came with a cup of tortilla chips to scoop everything up. As much as I loved the presentation of the salad I reckon it would’ve been best if they’d also given us a plate so we could tip out the contents when we got to the bottom of the jar cos it was pretty impossible to get at the remnants.

We also scored a complimentary serve of Zucchini fritters ($9) that was a special of the week thanks to the benefits of following restaurants on Instagram woohoo! I’d had visions of a flat type of fritter but instead they were round and reminded me of falafels with a crunchy exterior and soft fluffy innards.

Dr Faustus has a whole range of Cereal Milk drinks ($9) from Nutri Grain to Milo and Coco Pops but because I have to watch how much dairy I ingest I opt instead for the Robert Allenby, an iced coffee with a citrus twist. On another visit I try the Arnold Palmer which has equal parts of house made iced tea and lemonade and is super refreshing.

How awesome is the fit out? The space used to be a pharmacy and the boys have kept the storage cabinets intact. They also get a supply of my fave donuts from Glazed so I forsee many a visit back!

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Dr. Faustus
380 Cleveland St,
Surry Hills, NSW 2010

Trading Hours:
Mon – Sun: 9am – 3pm

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