Toriciya, Cammeray

  27 April 2015

Before I visited Japan last year I was never a big fan of tuna, preferring salmon instead. And then I tried otoro, the incredibly fatty belly of tuna and I was hooked! Word on the street (ie the wonderful world of Instagram) brought me to Toriciya, a tiny Japanese restaurant in Cammeray known for their yakitori but also said to have the glorious otoro.

The O-toro Sushi and Sashimi ($13 each) is amazing and melt in the mouth rich. It’s buttery, fatty and pretty damn awesome that a piece of fish can taste this good! It’s exxy but once you’ve tried it you will have dreams about it. We ordered 2 more rounds because hey, life’s too short for regrets 😛

The Charcoal grilled extra large clam ($12/2 pieces) is freaking massive! I was worried the clam would be chewy but it is beautifully tender.

The Kingfish and jalapeno carpaccio ($18) sets our tastebuds alight, the yuzu soy dressing has the perfect sweet/salty balance for the delicate slices of kingfish and the zing from the jalapeno has us fighting over the last piece.

We rub our hands with glee when the plate of Tasmanian Long Spine Sea Urchin ($28) arrives. Some of the pieces of sea urchin are a little smooshy in appearance but still fresh and tasty nonetheless. Grab a sheet of dried seaweed, add a piece of sea urchin and a dab of wasabi, roll the whole shebang up and BOOM! FLAVOUR EXPLOSION! Sea urchin is a bit of an acquired taste, it’s super briny and can be weirdly creamy at first so if it’s your first time trying it there’s also sea urchin sushi ($8/piece).

The Grilled Armorhead Head ($10) might be a little confronting in presentation especially with that eye staring right at you but dig around the bones and you’ll be rewarded with flesh that’s fatty and smokey and oh so tasty.

Our last dish is the Homemade Crab Cream Croquettes ($15/2 pieces), the mashed potato innards are fluffy but they are extremely filling and we may have had to admit defeat barely halfway through because I knew dessert was a must!

I absolutely love anything Genmaicha- green tea combined with roasted brown rice and the Roasted Green Tea Ice Cream ($4) just has this depth in flavour that lingers on the palate and has you reaching for more! It’s slightly nutty, sweet with a teensy edge of bitterness.

The food and service at Toriciya was seriously amazing, the restaurant is quite small so make sure you have a booking because we saw quite a few people being turned away. Public transport in the area is a bit meh but there’s heaps of street parking and they’ve also opened a sister restaurant En Toriciya in Crows Nest which I’m keen to visit!

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18 Cammeray Road,

Trading Hours:
Tue – Sun: 6pm – 10pm

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