Buffalo Dining Club, Darlinghurst

  25 May 2015

Have I ever told you guys the story about how I never used to eat cheese? The parentals don’t like cheese so by association I never ate it as a kid. Do you know what a Maccas junior burger is? A cheeseburger minus the cheese. It was no wonder I hated Maccas and it was only at the end of primary did I realise the magical powers of cheese after finally trying a cheese toastie.

And that was my segue to my visit to Buffalo Dining Club, a mozzarella bar for all the cheese lovers out there! I’ve visited Buffalo several years ago but this time I’d managed to drag the boy along because look! Giant wheel of cheese!

The Cacio e Pepe ($20) catches the eye of everyone in the room when the wheel of Grano Padano is carried out to our table and the spaghetti with olive oil, salt and pepper is mixed right in front of us. As the spaghetti is mixed in the wheel, flakes of parmesan is scraped off and transforms this amazingly simple but oh so tasty pasta. I could eat this every single day!

From the cold meat options which runs from mortadella, salamis and Jamon, I choose the San Daniele Prosciutto (60g/$9) which are delicate, thinly sliced ribbons that just about melts in the mouth. I instantly regretted not upsizing to a larger portion.

I can never resist ordering Burrata ($20) whenever I see it (other cheeses offered were Scarmoza, Buffalo, Caprino, Ciambella al Tarfuto) and picked Tempura Cauliflower and Pecorino crusted eggplant as the accompanying sides, because well, deep fry = win. The cheese also comes with some bread and crostini and a dollop of spicy nduja paste.

OOOOZY!!! Oh how I love burrata, so creamy and so deeeeelicious!

We’re also brought a jar of Buffalo’s own Chilli sauce which is pretty darn addictive, with a good amount of heat balanced with a truckload of garlic and sweetness of capsicum.

I couldn’t resist ordering the Buffalo Ricotta Gnocchi ($20) and it did not disappoint, the gnocchi was like little fluffy pillows of happiness and the napoletana sauce was rich but not overpowering.

Aaaand I had to get the Tiramisu ($10) which while creamy, was surprisingly light though I did wish there was a tad more booze in it heh

Buffalo Dining Club is pretty cosy and gets absolutely packed for dinner so if you’re like me and have issues with people and small spaces, then rocking up for lunch on a Saturday is your best option 😛

Buffalo Dining Club
116 Surrey St,

Trading Hours:
Weds – Sat: midday – 11pm

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