One Penny Red, Summer Hill

  13 July 2015

There’s really nothing that gets my heart a-pumping more than a good ol burger. Well that and fried chicken. And Pizza. Or Pancakes. But hey we’re talking about burgers right now so shush because One Penny Red deserves your undivided attention. Like take a look at this Brunch Burger ($16), there’s a fat and juicy pork and fennel sausage pattie, a fried free range egg, cheese, smoked chilli mayo AND SUGAR CURED BACON. My god that bacon has ruined me, I’ve been seeing it in my dreams! It wasn’t toothachingly sweet but perfectly balanced and super crispy.

I’m always a sucker for Duck Liver Pate ($14) and this did not disappoint. The jar of pate looks deceptively small but in fact there was quite a large amount in there so that we gleefully schmeared inch thick onto the toasted bread. I loved how creamy the pate was against the layer of px jelly and the slices of pickled quince were a nice acidic touch.

The Hay Valley Lamb Shoulder ($32), had Isaac, Raff and I in raptures, the brick of lamb is tender to the max, we didn’t even need the knife to cut into this! It wasn’t super fatty but just so fricken tasty especially with the smooth chickpea puree and the accompanying pomegranate and sorrel side salad cutting through the richness.

Aaaand of course we had to have dessert, the Banana and Salted Caramel Beignets ($14) was the perfect sweet ending to the meal. The beignets satisfied my never ending love for all things donuts, they were light and fluffy with a hit of banana and an oozy molten salted caramel centre. They barely needed the chocolate fudge sauce but we dutifully swirled them in.

One Penny Red is located inside the renovated Summer Hill Post Office near the Town Square. I’ll definitely be back either for breakfast to try their pancakes or for dinner where the Sweet and Sticky Whole Beef Shin on the bone ($85) will be mine.

One Penny Red
2 Moonbie St,
Summer Hill, NSW

Trading Hours:
Mon – Thurs: 4pm – Midnight
Fri: 12pm – Midnight
Sat: 10am – Midnight
Sun: 10am – 10pm

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