Masu Izakaya, Sydney

  26 July 2015


Located in Chinatown just opposite Arisun is Masu Izakaya, a cosy Japanese Izakaya that pumps out charcoal grilled yakitori skewers with a focus on chicken and all of its parts. But first, my only decently lit photo of the night is the Little Neck Clams ($15). Cooked in sake, the clams are small but tender and the serving is super generous in size.

I can never resist Nasu Dengaku ($15.80) whenever I see it and Masu Izakaya’s did not disappoint. The eggplant was topped with homemade miso paste that was salty and sweet and grilled until the glorious point that is caramelisation.

I had high hopes for Salmon Skin Tempura ($7.50) but the tempura batter on each piece was on the thick side and while it was delightfully crunchy, the flavour of the salmon skin was unfortunately lost.

Noods ordered the Chicken Neck ($3.50/skewer) and said he liked the flavour but found them a tad chewy and kinda wanted a dipping sauce of some sort. He also ordered the Chicken Hearts ($3/skewer) which he described as bouncy lol and the Chicken Liver ($3/skewer) which were creamy and tender but unfortch thanks to my mad skills I may have forgotten to take a photo of either. Oops.

The Wagyu Beef ($7.50/skewer) was amazing, super juicy and oh so tender with a roll-your-eyes-to-the-heavens fattylicious flavour thanks to the insane marbling. We ordered a second round before we had even finished out first skewers and they were just as perfect.

If you know me at all you’ll know I have a weakness for corn so of course we ordered the Corn with butter on hot plate ($9.80) hehe I know it seems like such a simple dish but man the smell of the butter melting on the corn with the bacon bits sizzling is just the most delicious smell in the world!

There’s not many seats downstairs but not to worry there’s a whole level upstairs and you can ogle at all the sake bottles on display as you make your way up. The weather lately has put me in hibernation mode but I’ll be back to try Masu Izakaya’s hotpots and more of the grilled skewers!

Masu Izakaya
Shop B1, 35-39 Liverpool Street

Trading Hours:
Mon – Fri: 11.30am – 11.30pm
Sat and Sun: 5pm – late

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