Los Angeles Eats 2015

  6 September 2015

I love In-n-Out. I am borderline fanatical about these damn burgers and yes it’s the first thing we ate after we dropped our bags at our AirBnB and set off for burger nirvana. Animal fries from the secret menu of course and 2 double double’s, 1 with grilled onion and 1 with no lettuce. I freaking love how the burgers are nestled in their little burger packet and sitting upright to see the burger layers in all their perfection! This post is a bit of a round up, Eggslut and The Boiling Crab get their own posts because they were out of this world awesome and a definite must visit.

I was determined to visit Santa Monica Pier because I watch a helluva lot of teevee and wanted to see the pier irl to see where the scenes were filmed for Sarah Connor Chronicles, Flashforward, Castle, Chuck, Touch, Modern Family and of course, Gilmore Girls! I thought the Pier was longer but other than that it was exactly as I imagined it- full of tourists with their selfie sticks, locals jogging up and down the beach and buskers aplenty.

We wandered around the for a while as there was a 1 hour wait at Blue Plate Oysterette (1355 Ocean Ave, Santa Monica) but it was totally worth it and I don’t care if people say it’s a tourist trap, the food was awesome and the service was super friendly. We ordered a Lobster Roll ($25) each and it’s a pretty big size, the brioche roll was split in half, toasted and stuffed with juicy lobster pieces and see that little pot of melted butter? MELTED BUTTER IS GLORIOUS! I poured about half of it into my roll and then set about dunking fries in it haha I really should go for a cholesterol check soon.

Back in Hollywood and Noods wanted to hit a food truck so we uber’d to El Flamin Taco Truck (6200 Sunset Blvd, Hollywood) because I’d previously tried the tacos with Helen and Lex on our eat all the donuts trip 2 years ago.

The Hollywood location sadly didn’t have the quesadilla cart attached but no matter for the tacos are pretty damn amazing! I ordered the chorizo, beef and pork and they were all so tasty I instantly regretted having to share. The tortilla is pillow soft and yet is able to hold all the ingredients without it instantly going soggy.

And then the fun part of customising your tacos with whatever toppings your heart desires- I went for a mountain of coriander, pico de gallo salsa and some kinda spicy sauce that almost kicked me in the face with how spicy it was.

Oh and because I wanted carbs I ordered the Carne Asada Fries which were freaking massive! Golden fries + juicy steak + cheese = muy deliciosa!

The reason I didn’t order more food was because we were headed to Roscoe’s Fried Chicken and Waffles (1514 North Gower Street, Hollywood) for dinner and I uh didn’t realise it was literally around the corner haha good thing there was a queue so we had time to digest! The fried chicken was ace with golden, crispy skin and juicy meat but sadly the waffles seemed a lil anaemic and kinda reminded me of eating a maccas ice cream cone. And no, that’s not ice cream on the waffles that’s butter 😛

And of course there were many donuts to be eaten! Not as many as before but still. Randy’s Donuts (805 W Manchester Blvd, Inglewood) is a bit of a trek since it’s in the middle of nowhere but teehee GIANT DONUT!

Helloooo caramel glazed donut! Even though Randy’s is open 24 hours they didn’t have much of a selection when we went around 1am and there were quite a few people around so maybe we were too early for the next wave of freshly fried treats? We uberd back into the city and our driver was so awesome and made pit stops at other donut shops that he liked so we could duck out and grab a box to eat at home heh dat service

Aaaand I leave you with this grilled cheese sandwich that was also stuffed with macaroni & cheese and bacon mmm this was insane, super cheesy and something I totally want to recreate haha this baby was from the Grilled Cheese food truck that had set up shop in downtown LA during the 4th of July festivities.

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