Las Vegas, Part 2 – Heart Attack Grill and The Grand Canyon

  27 September 2015

Heart Attack Grill. The very name gives me goosebumps. But we were in Vegas and the boy and I do love our novelty restaurants so we hopped on a bus on the Strip to Downtown Las Vegas before staring a little apprehensively into the windows and venturing in. And yes if you weigh more than 350 pounds (158kg) you get to eat there free.

We were met at the door by a SUPER cheerful nurse who informed us that we’d have to wear hospital gowns at all times and that if we didn’t finish our food we’d get smacked. We laughed and said sure no worries and were then led to our table. Everyone in the restaurant was staring at this guy and his group of friends and we had no idea why until…

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Anyone that gets spanked gets wheelchaired out haha

Our medication 😛 I decided to skip the milkshakes with ‘the world’s highest butterfat content’ (thanks to my body slowly rejecting dairy) and chose a lime slushie and the 3.4 ounce shot (that’s 100ml, that’s like 3 times the normal shot!) of vodka comes in a prescription pill bottle so you can choose if you want to pour a bit into your drink and then shoot the rest.

I was too terrified of not finishing my food so opted for the Single Bypass Burger (US$9.25) with 5 slices of bacon (US$0.92) and no chili. The pattie was ok, juicy and fatty but the bread was a bit dry and chewy like damper style buns but oh that bacon! I heart American bacon! Crispy, salty, bacon-y <3

Noods goes for the Double Bypass Burger (US$11.10) with 10 slices of bacon (US$1.85) and chili. He struggles finishing the burger towards the end but manages to finish it.

And we ordered a side of Onion Rings (US$7.17) and almost gasped at the gigantic serving. The batter was surprisingly light and oh boy were they tasty! ‘Beer battered and deep fried in pure lard’, the menu exclaims! No wonder they were awesome.

Go Noods go!

Slowly but surely we manage to eat every scrap of our meals and stumble away without getting a walloping. Apparently some people volunteer to get a spank, thinking they’ll just be getting a light thwack on the behind but no sirree, the waitresses put so much force behind the spank that the paddle sometimes breaks! Heart Attack Grill is cash only so make sure you load up on the Benjamins.

Downtown Las Vegas was pretty interesting- there were heaps of street performers, a couple of semi naked girls with their beefy security within arms reach, fortune tellers, casino after casino and a zip line to fly from one end to the other!

We managed to get the very last tickets for a helicopter ride to the Grand Canyon! Originally we’d looked into it online but thought it was too exy but then we heard my cousins say they drove 5 hours to get there and it was worth it so we splurged and went with Maverick/Mustang for the Free Spirit Grand Canyon Landing Tour ($848/2 ppl). The price includes shuttle pickup from hotel to airport, flying past Hoover dam, Lake Mead and Fortification Hill and descending into Grand Canyon for a champagne toast.

We were lucky that we were flying with a family of four so they got relegated to the back of the helicopter and we got to sit up front with our awesome pilot (though we switched with them on the way back because we felt bad lol). Our pilot would point out all the landmarks and happily answered any questions we had on the flight but otherwise he played a pretty rocking soundtrack from Danger Zone to Sweet Home Alabama and Your Love Keeps Lifting Me Higher.

Landing for photo ops, champagne and some snacks.

Definitely a once in a lifetime experience!

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  1. I’m disappointed in your milkshake-lacking choices 🙁

    1. Susan Thye says:

      Lol I’m lactose intolerant

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