Blaq Piq, Sydney

  25 October 2015

You know when you see something delicious on Instagram that you just can’t stop thinking about and your mind is just consumed with the very thought of eating it? That’s what happened when I saw the Nutella donut ($4.50) from Blaq Piq, the new cafe that’s next door to Creasion Cafe. And it was just as amazing as it looks, a fluffy sugar coasted donut so stuffed with Nutella that it threatens to ooze out.

And then there’s the pretty as a picture Pandan buttermilk pancakes ($16). All heads turned when this came out towards us, the pancakes are light and fluffy and have a good amount of pandan flavour in them. There’s a perfect scoop of coconut ice cream, fresh berries, nata de coco (super juicy chewy jelly made from coconut water), pecan crumble and salted coconut sugar syrup.

Aaaand pouring shot ooh baby HEAVEN IS A PLACE ON EARTH

Noods ordered the Breakfast plate ($17) because he saw that it had ‘soldiers’ and is immediately convinced he wants it but then always gets surprised that it’s just cut up toast. Every. Single. Time. I always warn him but nope he wants those damn soldiers. I liked the idea that the breakfast plate was filled with things that are lighter in case you don’t want a super oily fry up; there was silky curls of smoked salmon, half an avo, marinated goats cheese, 63° eggs, horseradish cream and lol rye soldiers.

The Rangers Valley Wagyu corned beef ($18) is tender but it’s a tad salty though this is tempered with the pan fried 63° eggs and smothering of hollandaise sauce. I liked the fluffy lotus bun but with the generous amount of sauce there was no way I was picking that bad boy up so cutlery is the way to go.

The Twice cooked pork belly ($17) might not look as purdy as the pancakes but WOAH DAMN IT’S SO DELICIOUS IT’S WORTH THESE CAPS! The strips of pork belly are so meltingly tender that I question how they managed to put the slice on the plate without breaking. The edges are golden and crispy and oh man whatever you do, do not share this! Oh and there’s a schmear of pumpkin puree hiding underneath with perfectly gooey 63° eggs, crunchy pickled vegetables, rocket and cherry tomatoes.

Mmm baked goods! All the desserts are baked in house and they source their bread from the awesome Bread and Butter Project. Oh and for the coffee peeps, they use Single O beans.

Loved how open the space is with plenty of light and a nice chillaxed feel. Will definitely be back to eat that pork belly again and ALL the donuts!

Blaq Piq
11 Alberta St,

Trading Hours:
Mon – Fri: 7am – 4pm
Sat: 8am – 2pm
Sunday: Closed
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