2015 Wrapup

  28 December 2015

HEEEEEEY GUYS!!! It’s that time of year again, the end of year wrapup! I freaking loved 2015, there was just so much great food and my absolute fave place to chillax on a Saturday arvo was at Chester White Cured Diner. They’ve got an amazing selection of cured meats like the Culatello and the truffle salami and I love their Not Carbonara pasta made with uber crispy speck.

My beloved Belle’s Hot Chicken from Melbourne opened a popup joint in Barangaroo and yes the chicken is just as amazing but surprisingly what keeps me coming back every week or so is their fried mushrooms!

Fave burger of the year was definitely at Bar Luca for the Blame Canada burger! I haven’t blogged about the place because honestly whenever I go I can never bring myself to order anything other than this burger! This baby has a juicy 200g wagyu beef pattie, maple glazed streaky bacon, maple aioli AND IS STUFFED WITH POUTINE! Carb on carb ohhhhh yeah baby yeah!

Belly Bao also has a pretty tasty burger called the baoger- a smoky pattie, slices of pickled radish, crisp lettuce leaf, tomato and onions are sandwiched together not with buns but with freshly steamed baos!

Ok ok and I also loved The Lord Gladstone Hotel’s burgers, another place that I haven’t blogged either because I can’t go past trying anything else on the menu except their burgers! The cheeseburger is pretty ace and only $10 on Mon and Tues! And every month or so there’s crazy burger takeovers on the weekend like the Whitecastle slider recreation.

I started a new job at Sparro and it’s been fab, I love what I do and everyone there is awesome and best of all they love their food esp the Javanese Fried Chicken at Ayam Goreng. That crispy skin, that juicy meat, and the spicy yet oh so addictive chilli sauce!

Finally convinced Noods to go to the great US of A! Austin was hands down the tastiest part of the trip but visiting The Grand Canyon was definitely a visit of a lifetime.

Of course after coming back from the states I was dying from the lack of barbecue in Sydney and like magic, Bovine & Swine Barbecue Co opened up in Enmore serving up platters of deeeelicious smoked meats! Get the beef rib and the brisket, you won’t be sorry!

Fave ramen of the year goes to Osan in the Dixon House food court in Chinatown. The creamy tonkotsu is crazy intense! I always ask for the thinner noodles and extra egg 😀

Aaaaand 2015 was the year for many a soft serve at Aqua S! Fave flavour by far was the grape!

Thank you everyone for reading my corner of the verse, if there’s anything you’d like to see more of (or less), let me know in the comments! Have a safe and happy NYE and see you all in 2016!

7 thoughts on “2015 Wrapup”
  1. Vanessa says:

    Great wrap up! I was just talking bout where to go for good BBQ meat and now I’m definitely going to try bovine and swine. Have a great new year and look forward to seeing you in 2016!

  2. Gaby says:

    It was a delicious year, by the looks of it. All the best in 2016!

  3. Great summary – a lot of my favs from 2015 as well 🙂

  4. Ramen Raff says:

    Wishing you an awesome NY dude! Most of these are pretty much my best eats for 2015 too esp Osan, Blame Canada and Bovine & Co!

  5. Great wrap up. All the best for 2016 Suze and all the best with the new job!

  6. Argh I was so envious of your USA trip. Happy New Year Suze! Looking forward to more delicious adventures with you in 2016 hic

  7. I just realised there is a dinosaur figurine on top of those white castle burgers lol! here’s to an even tastier 2016!

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