Fratelli Paradiso, Potts Point

  3 January 2016

Occasionally I fixate on a food and it’ll be all that I can think of until I get to eat it. Recently it’s been tiramisu with fluffy clouds of creamy mascarpone, liqueur and coffee drenched lady fingers which was how Sarah, Viv, Eric, Jason and I decided to have lunch at Fratelli Paradiso.

We decide to order a whole bunch from the menu and share so we could try everything which always works out well for me, the queen of indecisiveness. The Bufala mozzarella, strawmato, basil ($24) was the perfect summery start to the meal, the creamy mozza was lightened with a generous drizzle of olive oil and juicy strawbatos which google tells us is a tomato crossed with a strawberry.

I had doubts ordering the Calamari Sant’ Andrea squid fried, rocket, balsamic ($22) because I was afraid it would be a stodgy version of salt and pepper calamari but it was my 2nd fave dish out of everything we had! The batter was so incredibly light and crisp and I may have stealthily ate more than my share 😛

The Scampi spaghetti ($36) was beautifully presented two whole scampi split in half and lightly grilled with bonus pieces of scampi meat hiding within the pasta. There’s also the option of ordering the scampi by itself. Five pieces will set you back $61 but you’re better off getting the spaghetti which was pretty tops. The tomato sauce was slightly acidic and the pasta had the perfect bite.

The Tagliatelle ragu ($24) was a pile of silky ribbons twirled with shreds of melt in your mouth ragu in a rich tomato sauce. This is my idea of the perfect comfort food. It was so satisfying and is the food equivalent to a warm hug.

I loved the twisty pasta in the Fusilli trapanese with red pesto ($23) but I’ve never been a fan of olives as I always find the flavour overpowers everything it touches so I left this one to the others.

The Lasagnetta bolognese ($22) is hands down the winner out of everything. It was just so fricken tasty! It felt like someone’s nonna had lovingly layered each sheet of pasta with alternate spoonfuls of tomato bolognese sauce and a creamy bechamel sauce. This lasagne is definitely not one for sharing!

Aaaand for dessert we order the Tiramisu ($12), the reason for living our visit! And yes, it was everything I’d hoped for- not too sweet, generously portioned and with a perfect mascarpone cream to sponge ratio. Best ending to a meal!

Fratelli Paradiso is open for breakfast too so I defs want to come back in that sweet spot where I can order something from the brekkie menu and then order the lasagne at lunch 😛

Fratelli Paradiso
12 – 16 Challis Ave,
Potts Point

Trading Hours:
Mon – Sat: 7am – 11pm
Sun: 7am – 10pm

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8 thoughts on “Fratelli Paradiso, Potts Point”
  1. Um I’ll have one of everything, please. And two serves of tiramisu!

  2. You don’t like olives? Shame shame shame!! You know, I think you eat more Italian than I do!

  3. That lasagne looks so good! Never heard of strawmatos before (how do you even think to cross a strawberry and a tomato?!) but anything with buffalo mozzarella is a winner

  4. That tiramisu looks damn good!!
    But the squid has me wanting to devour it right now!

  5. Ramen Raff says:

    OMGz! I freakin’ want it all especially the lasagnetta!!

  6. This place has been on my ‘to eat at’ list for yonks. That scampi pasta has my name on it…

  7. Omg, that scampi pasta looks so good 😀

  8. You can never ever go wrong with Tiramisu. Or Lasagne bolognese! Will have to visit at breakfast too!

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