10 William St, Paddington

  26 January 2016

Whipped ‘bottarga’ pretzel at 10 William St, Paddington
So like, I’ve still been having dreams about the tiramisu at Fratelli Paradiso so the boy and I decided to go to its sister restaurant, 10 William St in Paddington for a lazy Saturday lunch.

On a previous visit, back when Dan Pepperell was at the helm, I’d fallen in love with the Whipped ‘bottarga’ pretzel ($14) and I’m glad that current chef Luke Burgess has kept it on the menu. The crusty pretzel is studded with all the seeds of the rainbow and has a deep caramelised flavour but it’s that whipped bottarga dip that has us in raptures. Along with a buttload of garlic, lemon juice, mullet roe, olive and grapeseed oil but oh man it was so freaking delicious and so light and fluffy that you can’t help but load as much as you can onto a piece of pretzel!

 Guanciale ‘sangwich at 10 William St, Paddington
The Guanciale ‘sangwich’ ($10) contained a slab of melt in the mouth pork cheek that had been crumbed and deep fried to a satisfying crunch with curls of pickled cabbage to offset the richness.

Busiate, Balmain bug, bulls horn peppers, tarragon at 10 William St, Paddington
We were asked if we were sharing everything and replied yes but it never occurred to me that they would split our pasta for us, so this here is half a serving of Busiate, Balmain bug, bulls horn peppers, tarragon ($29) with Noods’ serve in the background. Busiate pasta is my new fave at the moment, the twisty pasta is able to hold so much sauce in one spiral but doesn’t feel like you’re eating too much dough/carb compared with other pastas? I love pasta but that sauce ratio is important to me haha anyways moving on! There was a pretty generous amount of juicy bug meat and I absolutely loved the amount of butter that was in the sauce mmm dat flavour win!

Pappardelle, buffalo mozzarella, sugo, sobresada at 10 William St, Paddington
The Pappardelle, buffalo mozzarella, sugo, sobresada ($26) wasn’t quite as amazing as Pepperell’s Pappardelle Bolognese, the silky ribbons of pasta was still on point and I loved the amount of melty mozza but the sauce was on the oily side.

Tiramisu at 10 William St, Paddington
I was reaching max capacity but we all know there’s a separate stomach for dessert! The Tiramisu ($11) is hands down my favourite in Sydney, ridiculously fluffy layers of coffee soaked lady fingers and creamy mascarpone ooh baby! And that splodge of dark chocolate for that extra oomph in deliciousness 😀

10 William St, Paddington
10 William St is pretty tiny and they don’t take reservations so be sure to get there as soon as they open. Also, word on the street is that the fine people of Pinbone will be moving into 10 William St in Feb!

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7 thoughts on “10 William St, Paddington”
  1. I’m intrigued by busiate now. Can’t wait to eat there when the Pinbone crew move in!

  2. Ramen Raff says:

    I so wanna try that busiate! Also, was so excited to hear about Pinbone crew moving in on Feb!

  3. My word….the tiramisu! Pinbone at 10 William, that’s awesome!!!!

  4. now I am just desperate for tiramisu! That looks so delicious…

  5. Wow this looks super intriguing! I heart pretzel as one of my top favourite bread and having it with bottarga sounds like a match made in heaven. I don’t usually eat pasta either but these look pretty cool.

  6. Tiramsu is my most fav dessert ever! And if this is the best in Syd I gotta get there 🙂

  7. How nice they split the pasta into two bowls for you 🙂
    But that pretzel!

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