Ghostboy Cantina, Chinatown

  15 February 2016

Tacos at Ghostboy Cantina, Chinatown Sydney
Dixon House Food Court is the oldest of the food courts in Chinatown and is synonymous with cheap and cheerful asian food from bowls of steaming hot ramen, to heaped plates of glistening stir fry delivered on cast iron sizzle plates. But now there’s a new kid on the street, introducing Ghostboy Cantina!

Ghostboy Cantina, Chinatown, Sydney
Headed up by Toby Wilson, former owner and head barista at Wedge Espresso, Ghostboy Cantina (slang for white boy haha) is pumping out tacos that he declares are non traditional but taste delicious. And delicious they are! At the moment there’s 3 taco options on offer but they’ll add more in the coming weeks.

Pork taco at Ghostboy Cantina, Chinatown, Sydney
The crowd favourite is the Pork Taco ($6.50), filled with a generous amount of five spice and chipotle pork with juicy yellow peach, Thai basil, onion, salsa roja, salsa verde and lime. I loved the Peking duck pancakes they used instead of tortillas which were all grilled to order.

Cauliflower taco at Ghostboy Cantina, Chinatown, Sydney
I was curious to try the vegan option which was the Cauliflower Taco ($5), with deep fried cauliflower, cashew and macadamia cream, onion, salsa verde, coriander, lime, fried shallots.

Cauliflower taco at Ghostboy Cantina, Chinatown, Sydney
The florets of cauliflower are golden and crisp and goes so well with the smooth cashew and macadamia cream. I loved all the flavours and would definitely order this taco again!

Beef taco at Ghostboy Cantina,, Chinatown, Sydney
The Beef Taco ($6) is my fave of the lot, the slow cooked beef brisket is juicy and tender and just so aromatic! There was chopped onion, thai basil, coriander, bean sprouts and  two salsas based off traditional mexican salsa roja and salsa verde featuring ssamjang, thai basil, kaffir lime, rice wine vinegar, szechuan pepper. This taco had so much fricken flavour it was like being punched in the mouth with a truckload of tastiness!

Corn at Ghostboy Cantina, Chinatown, Sydney
Aaand I got a side of Corn ($5) because, corn! The corn was lightly grilled and smothered in butter then rolled in coriander, sesame seeds and a good squeeze of lime. The all time perfect summer food.

Dixon Food Court, Chinatown, Sydney
Ghostboy Cantina is located on the other end of Dixon House food court, over near the bar so you can grab a cheeky beverage or two to wash down your tacos 😛


Ghostboy Cantina
B08 413–415 Sussex Street,
Dixon House Food Court
Chinatown, Sydney

Trading Hours
Tue – Sun: 11.30am – 8.30pm

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8 thoughts on “Ghostboy Cantina, Chinatown”
  1. Maëva says:

    Everything looks so good! The corn though… Mouth watering!

  2. Isaac says:

    Almost positive that this will be the tac-of the town.

  3. Great post. I go to Dixon at least every 2 weeks. I turned up this Monday…on their day off. May be tomorrow.

  4. Haven’t been to that food court in forever but this looks like a good reason to return. Love your bacon tatt in the vegan taco shot 😉

  5. Cauliflower in a taco? My head sees the logic, my stomach says no!

  6. Trish says:

    Dixon House food court is leveling up! This is still my favourite food court in Chinatown and I guess I have another reason to go. That punch in the mouth flavour from the beef taco sounds amaaahzing!

  7. haha I love that they serve it on those old school Asian plates :’)

  8. How good is that cauliflower taco!

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