Yang & Co, Castlecrag

  15 March 2016

Cirspy chicken skin at Yang & Co, Castlecrag
So full disclosure, I’ve known Alex Wong aka Lex for a while now. From his days cooking epic meals at home; eating amazing food from his stints at Chica Bonita and China Doll, to eating stupid amounts of cheeseburgers after a night out on the town. He started Yang’s Food Truck to satisfy Sydney’s Malaysian food cravings and now together with his partner, Tina Nguyen as restaurant manager, they’ve opened Yang & Co in Castlecrag.

Anywhos onto the food! Lex starts us off with a bowl of crispy chicken skin which is omg SAH CRISPEH! There’s a puddle of chilli sauce on the bottom but me being the chilli noob I steer clear of it and appreciate it unadorned, closing my eyes to savour each crispylicious bite. Lex would like to make them a staple on the menu but ends up eating half the batch by himself 😛

Twice Cooked Masterstock Lamb Ribs at Yang & Co, Castlecrag
The serving size of the Twice Cooked Masterstock Lamb Ribs with Nahm Pla Dressing ($17) is pretty damn generous, there are 4 ribs but each rib felt like it had 2 ribs worth of deliciously tender meat, complete with a gloriously creamy layer of fat. Seriously, lamb ribs are my fave! The flavour of the ribs were amazing, rich and slightly smoky and it didn’t really need any of the dressing tbh. I took my time ripping off shreds of meat with my teeth, sighing with regret when it was too late to fight Richard over the 4th rib!

Singapore Chilli Soft Shell Crab at Yang & Co, Castlecrag
My fave dish at Yang’s food truck was their Singapore Chilli Soft Shell Crab with Mantao ($17) so I was super glad to see it make a comeback at Yang & Co! The soft shell crab is lightly battered and as crunchy as ever and still manages to maintain its natural sweetness. We eagerly break apart the deep fried mantou buns and dunk them into the chilli gravy which is rich and just spicy enough to set the tastebuds alight.

Salt and Pepper Calamari at Yang & Co, Castlecrag
Australia’s fave dish is on the menu, the Salt and Pepper Squid with nuoc cham ($16) is bang on the money, each curl of squid is lightly battered to a satisfying golden crunch.

Yang & Co, Castlecrag
When Helen and I saw the chalkboard special of Picked spanner crab, bone marrow, spicy Hennessy sauce and baguette ($29) we knew it had to be ours because well, bone marrow calls to us in our dreams. Blobs of bone marrow bob alongside sweet crab meat in a sauce that’s pretty damn fiery but I figure, no pain no gain right 😛 Crusty baguette halves are lightly toasted and probs didn’t need the added calorific richness of butter but hey it’s the perfect vehicle for schmearing everything on and delivering to my ready and waiting incisors.

Roti Paratha with Chilli Caramel Pork Belly at Yang & Co, Castlecrag
The Roti Paratha with Chilli Caramel Pork Belly & Kimchi ($16) is pretty full on, the caramelised pork belly is so deliriously tender and fatty on the flaky roti but it’s pretty rich that I actively seek out the spicy kimchi for relief.

Poached QLD Banana Prawn & Corn Wonton at Yang & Co, Castlecrag
We were nearing explodey point and then Lex sends out the Poached QLD Banana Prawn & Corn Wonton in Ramen Broth with Onsen Egg ($16). I loved the broth, it was light and packed with flavour and we took great joy in stabbing the egg releasing a river of gooey yolk.

Tea Smoked Duck at Yang & Co, Castlecrag
We admit we may have over ordered, especially when I can only manage a sliver of the Tea Smoked Duck, Hoi Sin, Mustard Sauce, Cucumber, Shallots with Roti ($39). The duck was moist, tender and lightly smoked but oh boy oh boy was I full…

Lemongrass Marinated T-Bone at Yang & Co, Castlecrag
When the Lemongrass Marinated T-Bone with Vietnamese Salad ($37) arrives, my stomach pretty much started screaming in protest at me to not fit in more food but THE HEART WANTS WHAT THE HEART WANTS DAMMIT! And I wanted steak! And it was delicious! Charred on the edges with melty pockets of fat, this steak is definitely a must order. And lol I gladly welcomed the pile of salad on top, a jumble of fat bean sprouts, mint and watercress that cut through all the richness.

Sago, Rockmelon, Poached Nectarine, Honeycomb & Granita at Yang & Co, Castlecrag
We deliberately picked the lightest sounding dessert on the menu- Sago, Rockmelon, Poached Nectarine, Honeycomb & Granita ($12). It was light and refreshing and the perfect palate cleanser and I may have sneakily eaten more than my share of the buried rockemelon pieces…

Yang & Co, Castlecrag
I wished I lived closer to Yang & Co for it to be my local but I know I will definitely be back for those lamb ribs and more of those crispy chicken skin crackles!

Yang & Co
79 Edinburgh Road,

Trading Hours:
Tues – Wed: 6pm – 10pm
Thurs – Sat: 4pm – 10pm

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7 thoughts on “Yang & Co, Castlecrag”
  1. omg how awesome was that chicken crackling! And I was so full by the time the steak come but then magically I found more room for that meaty goodness.

  2. Richard says:

    Hey you could had had the last rib!.. Just would had had to fight harder for it 😛

  3. Ramen Raff says:

    I want everything! Especially the chicken crackling and the lamb ribs and the SG chilli soft shell crab with mantou! Congrats Lex & Tina!

  4. One of everything please! Everything looks awesome.

    Must make the trek over the bridge for this feast. OMG Lex, why you so far away?!

  5. Oh my God!
    All the dishes look so good! Im so hungry now.
    Thanks so much for sharing
    Gourmet Getaways

  6. irene says:

    Yay now I don’t have to chase the truck anymore! :))

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