Red Chilli Sichuan Restaurant, Chinatown

  12 September 2016

Steamed Butterfly Prawns With Garlic at Red Chilli Sichuan Restaurant, Chinatown
Have you ever walked past a restaurant so many times that after a while you forget it’s even there? I’ve been past the Harbour Plaza branch of the Red Chilli Sichuan Restaurant in Chinatown so many times that it’s just blurred into the background and it was only until recently that the fam and I went for lunch.

We were originally going to order the yabbies but the market price was a bit out of our budget so we went for the Steamed Prawns With Garlic ($32) which were amazing. The prawns had been butterflied then twisted in half and were so fricken plump and juicy. The garlic was heady and fragrant and perfect with the vermicelli noodle mountain.

Deep Fried Chicken at Red Chilli Sichuan Restaurant, Chinatown
We were drawn to the Deep Fried Chicken with Hot Dry Chilli ($26.50), a basket full of chicken pieces deep fried to golden, crunchalicious perfection. I think I would’ve preferred if the pieces were slightly larger as it was impossible to scoop out the chicken without getting a whole lotta chilli haha but you gotta work for your food right? The chicken has the famed lip-numbing heat but I just couldn’t help going back for more.

Stir Fried Prawns and Corn Salted Egg Yolks Steamed Butterfly Prawns With Garlic at Red Chilli Sichuan Restaurant, Chinatown
The Stir Fried Prawns and Corn with Salted Egg Yolk ($32.50) was pretty damn tasty because I mean, SALTED EGG YOLK!!! (Sidenote: how excited am I that it’s Mid-Autumn Festival soon! Gonna eat allll the mooncakes!) Each and every prawn and corn kernel were coated in the ridiculously irresistible salted egg yolk and had me happily scraping the plate to add to my cholesterol laden body.

Sichuan Style Wonton at Red Chilli Sichuan Restaurant, Chinatown
Sichuan Style Wontons ($12.50) was the last to arrive and we considered cancelling the order because we’d pretty much eaten everything else and were pretty full but thankfully they arrived just in time and they were incredible! The pork mince in the wontons were just so freaking juicy and the silky wonton skins so light and delicate that it blew our minds.

Red Chilli Sichuan Restaurant, Chinatown
There’s a few branches of Red Chilli Sichuan Restaurant in Sydney, with another location just down the road in Dixon St and I can’t wait to go back for the yabbies!

Red Chilli Sichuan Restaurant
Shop 108, 25-29 Dixon Street,

Trading Hours:
7 days: 11:30am – 2:30pm, 5pm – 10pm

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8 thoughts on “Red Chilli Sichuan Restaurant, Chinatown”
  1. Oooooh the chicken!! I had a similar dish at Spice Temple (but paid a ridic amount) man that way spicy!!!

  2. Ramen Raff says:

    Them wontons looks so plump and delicious! I’ve always wanted to go to the one near Gumshara.

  3. those wontons and fried chicken pieces looks divinee!!! 🙂

  4. Lydia says:

    It has been such a while since I’ve last been to this place. From reading this post, I’m definitely going to go there soon to try the wontons!

  5. Yabbies! Wow, I would walk on hot coals to have yabbies. ALL those prawns are looking pretty damn amazing.

  6. Salted egg yolk! Hello! Also deep fried chicken. Oh yes.

  7. mmm~~ can never say no to fried chicken!!
    But I love spicy wontons, glad you guys didnt cancel that order 😉

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