Welcome Dose Specialty Coffee @ Saporium, Rosebery

  4 October 2016

Eggs & Soldiers at Welcome Dose Specialty Coffee, Rosebery
Hope ya’ll had a great long weekend! I had such a blast these past coupla days, dancing to old skool Britney at Plan B, eating large amounts of pizza at The Dolphin and finally checking out Saporium in Rosebery, a warehouse next to The Cannery. Currently vendors include Grain Organic Bakery, Zeus Street Greek, 5th Earl, Vive Cooking School, Three Blue Ducks, Wholefoods House, Kingsmore Meats and The Choc Pot but today we’re in need of coffee and head straight for the light filled Welcome Dose Specialty Coffee.

Ironically I forgot to take a photo of the coffees ahahaha my bad but hey onto the food! We start with the Eggs & Soldiers ($12) with perfectly gooey egg yolk innards and sourdough soldiers (bread’s sourced from Brickfields) with a minced mushroom mixture. I absolutely loved the sesame and wakame seaweed salt which upped the umami factor to max. Please sell this by the jar guys!

Eggs & Soldiers at Welcome Dose Specialty Coffee, Rosebery
Hehe Noods always complains whenever I make him eggs and soldiers because I cbf cutting the bread properly so it never fits into the egg 😛

Cheese Toastie at Welcome Dose Specialty Coffee, Rosebery
I absolutely HAD to get the Cheese Toastie ($12) when I saw it arrive at the table next to us. I mean, LOOK AT IT! There’s a pretty generous amount of Gruyere and Swiss Cheese and a nice schmear of truffle paste on brioche that’s been toasted for optimal cheese melty-ness.

Cheese Toastie at Welcome Dose Specialty Coffee, Rosebery
Mmmm cheese <3

Smashed Peas at Welcome Dose Specialty Coffee, Rosebery
I’ve been weirdly craving fresh peas lately so had to order the Smashed Peas ($13)- the toasted sourdough is smothered in a lemon ricotta and layered with peas, mint and baby herbs. I saw that there was Maple Glazed Speck ($5) available as a side which was a bit weird because hadn’t seen speck anywhere on the menu but hey, speck! Speck is so friggen amazing and this was no exception, there was a sweet hit of maple syrup which was tempered by the light smokiness within the meat.

Welcome Dose Specialty Coffee, Rosebery
Welcome Dose roasts its coffee in house with the coffee roaster taking pride of place in the middle of the room. I’m looking forward to many more caffeine hits!

Welcome Dose
Shop 13, 61 – 71 Mentmore Avenue,

Trading Hours:
7 days: 7:30am – 4pm

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5 thoughts on “Welcome Dose Specialty Coffee @ Saporium, Rosebery”
  1. I live for speck! And the cheese toastie looks spectacular!

  2. That cheese toastie!!!!!!! Smashed peas Suze? Really…. Avocado I can deal with!! Barely.

  3. Minced mushrooms with gooey eggs?! Sign me up #allTheGoodThings

  4. Ramen Raff says:

    I’m a sucker for cheese toasties and I need that!!

  5. YUM! I had the smashed peas when I went and they were amazing. I’ll have to go back for that truffle cheese toastie… a-sap!

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