Bar Machiavelli, Rushcutters Bay

  15 November 2016

Foie Gras at Bar Machiavelli, Rushcutters Bay
Still on a mission to eat all the pastas in Sydney, Sarah, Viv and I trekked over to Bar Machiavelli in Rushcutters Bay, the sister restaurant to Machiavelli in the CBD. (Psst, don’t go to the wrong restaurant now heh heh) All pastas are made in house and the menu features 9 pastas to choose from or there’s the veal cutlet, spatchcock or fish of the day available if you’re not so carb inclined.

We start with the Seared fois gras de canard served with brioche and cornichons ($39) to share. The foie gras is melt in the mouth spectacular. It’s lusciously rich and buttery and although it came with a plate of lightly toasted brioche I chose to savour the foie gras by itself. Bliss.

Chestnut Pappardelle at Bar Machiavelli, Rushcutters Bay
The Chestnut pappardelle with porcini mushroom and Madeira sauce ($38) is pretty damn amazing, the ribbons of pappardelle are silky and delicate and there’s a generous amount of intensely fragrant porcini mushrooms buried under the curls of parmesan. But that sauce! Ahhhh that is one lipsmackingly delicious sauce!

Gnocchetti with Roquefort, Gorgonzola dolce and caramelised walnuts at Bar Machiavelli, Rushcutters Bay
The Gnocchetti with Roquefort, Gorgonzola dolce and caramelised walnuts ($36) is the very definition of a warm hug. Each pillowy soft gnocchetti (a smaller version of gnocchi) is smothered in a creamy cheese-alicious sauce and I absolutely loved the sweet crunch of the walnuts sprinkled throughout. It could’ve done with a stronger blue cheese flavour but that’s just me loving pungent blue cheese in sauce form.

Tagliatelle with Bolognese sauce at Bar Machiavelli, Rushcutters Bay
The Tagliatelle with Bolognese sauce ($36) is a delicious tangle of awesomely rich sauce coating every strand in loooove. My brain only remembers what it wants to remember and that this was tasty. The end.

Bar Machiavelli, Rushcutters Bay
I loved the space at Bar Machiavelli, it’s cavernous without being echoey, and the black and white projections on the walls were fascinating to watch. I’d read that service can be a bit snooty but we had a lovely waiter who was down to earth and super friendly and while the prices are defs on the exxy side, the pastas were pretty amaze so would defs be keen to return again!

Bar Machiavelli
10 Neild Avenue,
Rushcutters Bay

Trading Hours:
Mon – Thurs: from 6pm
Fri & Sat: from 5pm
Sun: closed

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4 thoughts on “Bar Machiavelli, Rushcutters Bay”
  1. Ramen Raff says:

    Chestnut pappardelle with porcini mushroom and Madeira sauce sounds freakin’ delish.

  2. Sah tastyyyy. I loved that pappardelle <3

  3. It was a hard to choose which I loved more, the chestnut pappardelle or the Gnochetti. The tiramisu was a total let-down tho. I wouldn’t even want to imagine what rent would be for a property that size 🙁

  4. Argh i love that chestnut pappardelle. I hope they never take it off the menu!

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