Cirrus Dining at Barangaroo, Sydney

  17 January 2017

Parfait at Cirrus Dining, Barangaroo, Sydney
It was the mothership’s birthday at the end of the year and we celebrated at newly opened Cirrus Dining on the end of the Barangaroo development for a seafood feast!

We start with the Smoked Ocean Trout Parfait ($24). The fish fin shaped wedge of silky smooth parfait is creamy and perfect against the pops of briny roe and easily slathered onto rounds of crisp baguette.

Prawns at Cirrus Dining, Barangaroo, Sydney
Roasted Tiger Prawns with Fenugreek Milk ($28) are split in half and lightly roasted leaving the flesh still juicy and tender with a hint of smokiness. Noods mournfully watches as we happily suck out every last bit from the shells.

Marron at Cirrus Dining, Barangaroo, Sydney
I freaking love marron so absolutely had to get the Grilled W.A. Marron with Lemonade Fruit and Sea Lettuce ($42). The meat is sweet and delicate and Noods is happy with his more expensive prawn substitute 😛

Balmain Bugs at Cirrus Dining, Barangaroo, Sydney
The Moreton Bay Bugs ($30) have an irresistible house made XO sauce that we scrape every last drop of and smother onto the bug meat that’s carefully pried out of its shell.

Fish and Chips at Cirrus Dining, Barangaroo, Sydney
The Whole Flathead + Chips ($38) is impressive, the flathead has been completely deboned while still retaining the shape. The flesh flakes easily and we fight over the crispy panko crumbed edges and dunk the golden fries into the creamy aioli.

Crab at Cirrus Dining, Barangaroo, Sydney
And last but not least, the Queensland Mud Crab with Green Garlic and Tarragon! (Market price $140/kg, crab came to $140). This baby is finger licking delicious! I appreciated that the crab was cut up and the claws smashed for ease of access to the juicy crab meat but Papa Choc was devastated to flip over the hat and find the carapace completely scrubbed clean!

Sadly we’re much too full for dessert but I am keen to return for the 500g whopper Grilled Rangers Valley Rib Eye with Kombu Butter!

Cirrus Dining
10/23 Barangaroo Avenue,

Trading Hours:
7 days: 12pm – 10pm

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  1. Ramen Raff says:

    Duuuude! I want that flathead especially coz it has been deboned!.

  2. lolol we were so devo about the lack of head gear in the crab helmet too!

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