Yan Restaurant, Wolli Creek

  31 January 2017

Yan Restaurant, Wolli Creek
Yan, which means “smoke” in Chinese, is the latest brainchild by the team that brought you Sydney’s fave sandwich joint John Montagu and the recently closed Ms Murray. Yan Restaurant co-owners Narada Kudinar and chef Raymond Lim (ex–Attica and Les Amis) have created a menu featuring smoked meats with Asian flavours.

Squid at Yan Restaurant, Wolli Creek
We start with deep fried curls of Squid ($15), with a super light batter and a dusting of Szechuan pepper salt and a squeeze of lime. I always feel like a bit of a masochist whenever I eat Szechuan pepper haha I love that weirdly tingly numbing feeling!

Mussels at Yan Restaurant, Wolli Creek
We were sent out a complimentary taster of the Mussels (full size normally $21) which comes with fluffy house made steamed baos. The house made chilli sauce is crazy irresistible, I want to smother that sauce on everything! It’s spicy without being oh-help-where’s-the-milk-at and sweet and tangy enough to set the tastebuds in a frenzy. The mussels are pretty damn perfect too, incredibly tender and just begging to be all sauced up.

Lamb at Yan Restaurant, Wolli Creek
I’m always a sucker for Lamb Ribs ($24) because of the fat to meat ratio and these were finger licking, lip smackingly tasty. The lamb has a cumin dry rub and had a deliciously smoky flavour. The chimichurri laden on top had a good chilli kick that was tempered by the fresh minced coriander and parsley.

Pork at Yan Restaurant, Wolli Creek
Yan smokes their Pork Belly ($26) with applewood and while the pork isn’t as smoky as I’d initially envisioned, the meat is tender and juicy with a good amount of char.

Beef at Yan Restaurant, Wolli Creek
We hesitated ordering the Beef ($46) because I generally always over-order and experience regret but Noods was like eh just doooo it. [lol Shia reference] The 200g Wagyu striploin MBS7+ is perfectly grilled with a rosy pink centre and is meltingly tender. The touch of salt was all it needed, I didn’t even really touch the saucer of chimichurri- this has got to be one of my fave steaks of the year!

Asian Greens at Yan Restaurant, Wolli Creek
With the amount of meat we’d ordered we knew we had to get the Asian Greens ($8) for our vitamin needs or else risk the meat sweats. The choy sum is lightly sauteed and smothered in a creamy sesame dressing. I probs could’ve done without the dressing but that’s because I’m a purist when it’s comes to Asian veggies haha

Slaw at Yan Restaurant, Wolli Creek
The Pear and Cucumber Slaw ($8) with a sweet chilli pickle dressing is zingy and refreshing for the palate.

Pavlova at Yan Restaurant, Wolli Creek
And then onto desserts! The Deconstructed Lime Pavlova ($15) is the perfect summer dessert with jiggly ginger and pandan jelly and the best damn lychee ice cream I’ve ever tasted! Ahhhh the flavour is so intensely lychee it’s just so good!

Coconut at Yan Restaurant, Wolli Creek
The Coconut 2 Ways ($15) is a must for the coconut lovers with coconut ice cream, coconut jelly and shredded toasted coconut. And of course once you’ve devoured the contents don’t forget to scrape the insides for the sweet coconut flesh!

Yan Restaurant, Wolli Creek
Yan Restaurant has a range of sodas available but just fyi they’re not licensed and BYO is a sweet $2 pp. I’m a little jealous of all the people who live in the area because Yan Restaurant looks set to be a great local gem but it’s definitely a place I’m willing to travel for!

Yan Restaurant
G03/19 Arncliffe St,
Wolli Creek

Trading Hours:
Wed — Sun: 5.30pm — 9.30pm

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  1. crunchytiger says:

    Yum! I have been waiting for this place to open ever since Ms Murray closed. Will have to try it soon.

  2. Ramen Raff says:

    Can’t wait to visiy Raymond’s new joint! That sirloin looks amazing.

  3. The pork belly!!!!! Dies………………..

  4. Nicholas Jordan says:

    How good are those desserts?!

  5. Nicholas Jordan says:

    And Helen yeah, the striploin was incredible. So tender.

  6. googly eyes says:

    Woohoo! We live in Wolli Creek! Can’t believe a hatted chef is working in the kitchen here!

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