Easeys, Collingwood

  7 March 2017

Easeys, Collingwood
I’ve been following JimmysBurgers for a while now. I mean anyone who eats as many burgers as he does is just fricken awesome! He brought Guilty burgers to Sydney in May 2016 and Easeys in Collingwood has long been on my must visit Melbs list.

Easeys, Collingwood
So it was off to Collingwood we go, spotting the Beyonce mural first and then to the impressive sight of train carriages perched on the rooftop!

Easeys, Collingwood
We make our way inside where theres a handful of booth seating and tables against the wall and then up the flight of stairs to get to the main dining area inside the trains.

Easeys, Collingwood
There’s also seating in between the trains.

Hot Wings at Easeys, Collingwood
We start with the Sriracha Hot Wings ($12) which has a fair amount of spice and a good dunk into the creamy blue cheese sauce brought the fires of mordor to a more manageable level.

Cheesey at Easeys, Collingwood
The Easey Cheesy ($11) is a good size, not too big that we’re rolling around on the floor dying and not too small that we need to order more food. The patty is sufficiently juicy and the cheese is melty perfection buuuut if I was to be completely honest I have to say I love the burgs at Guilty more. But I would defs still smash one of these babies the next time I’m back in Melbs!

Fried Chicken Sandwich at Easeys, Collingwood
The Chicken Sandwich #1 ($12) is the first of four sandwiches being released this month. It’s got weetbix encrusted fried chicken, crispy streaky bacon, cheese, lettuce, pickles and Richmond sauce. Everything just freaking worked! The chicken had the perfect crunchalicious batter and the Richmond sauce is tangy and delicious.

Mac n Cheese at Easeys, Collingwood
The Mac n Cheese Tots ($11) are insane. The mac n cheese is perfect, it’s creamy and super cheesy with a salty pretzel crumble. The tater tots buried underneath are golden, still impressively crisp and fluffy on the inside even by the time we’d made it halfway! This proved to be our downfall though and I was much too full to try the desserts!

3/48 Easey St,

Trading Hours:
Sun – Thurs: 11am – 10pm
Fri & Sat: 11am – 11pm

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4 thoughts on “Easeys, Collingwood”
  1. Such a cool set-up! Mac n cheese tots sound like a dream come true too.

  2. Ramen Raff says:

    Mac & cheese tots sounds genius and look glorious. That chicken sandwich though!

  3. They didn’t have the fried chicken sandwich when I went!!! Agree about Guilty/ Easey’s as well. Awesome concept and set-up but I prefer the burgs at Guilty!

  4. irene says:

    Tater tots in cheese? I’m in.

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