Cuppa Flower, Waterloo

  10 April 2017

Totoro chiffon at Cuppa Flower, Waterloo
And oops just like that, 2 weeks a week flashes past! March has been kicking my ass and tbh the last thing I want to do after working all day is to jump right back onto my computer. But anywhos! Let’s talk about how I came to know about Cuppa Flower that opened a second cafe in Waterloo! My sole purpose of visiting was for this Totoro chiffon cake 😀 I mean cmon! Look at it! So instagram friendly and so kawaii! The totoro is a black sesame, ultra fluffeh chiffon with whipped cream in the centre. But don’t worry I ate other foods!

Pancakes at Cuppa Flower, Waterloo
Cuppa Flower has an all day breakfast menu so of course I opt for the pretty as a picture Buttermilk Pancakes ($15.50). There’s 3 pancakes with fresh strawberries, kiwi, orange slices, grapes and served with a swirl of vanilla cream and a jug of maple syrup. Apparently there was crunchy honeycomb but I didn’t find any on my plate unless I ate it too fast?

Bacon and Egg at Cuppa Flower, Waterloo
Noods gets the Bacon and Egg Roll ($8.50) which comes with a generous amount of crispy bacon, gooey fried eggs and tomato sauce on Turkish bread.

Wagyu burger at Cuppa Flower, Waterloo
We return the following weekend for the lunch menu which begins at 11am. I’d initially baulked at the price of the Wagyu Beef Burger ($20.50) which I thought was damn pricey for Waterloo but it does come with a generous serve of golden, battered chips and the burger was pretty damn tasty.

Wagyu burger at Cuppa Flower, Waterloo
I quite enjoyed the beetroot relish which brought me back to tuckshop days of the classic Aussie burger with tinned beetroot! The pattie was nice and juicy and the cheese sufficiently melty though I did have to remove the lettuce because you all know my issues with lettuce on a burger haha 😛

Pasta at Cuppa Flower, Waterloo
Noods opts for the Linguine Al Funghi ($13.50) with bacon (+$2) which was a beautifully creamy pasta with a healthy amount of parmesan cheese and button mushrooms. It did get a bit too salty towards the end but that was one mighty fine pasta!

Taro crepe cake at Cuppa Flower, Waterloo
Aaaand for dessert the Taro crepe cake! Layers of crepe alternate with a light, creamy taro buttercream to create a dessert that’s the perfect amount of richness and not too sweet.

Cuppa Flower
Shop 1, 15 Allen Street
(cnr George and Allen St)

Trading Hours:
7 days: 7am – 5pm

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4 thoughts on “Cuppa Flower, Waterloo”
  1. Ramen Raff says:

    Errmhagerd that totoro cake looks so damn kawaii x100! Oohh would love to try their taro crepe cake.

  2. The lettuce………..the beetroot relish 🙁 The pancakes look beeeeyoootiful though!!!

  3. How cute is that Totoro chiffon?! I’d be all over that crepe cake too.

  4. irene says:

    That crepe cake is so Instagram-worthy!

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