Drury Lane @ Brewtown, Newtown

  5 June 2017

Drury Lane @ Brewtown, Newtown
Heads up Sydney there’s a spanking new patisserie that have set up shop in the old Oconnell Street Merchants premises upstairs from Brewtown in Newtown. Drury Lane is run by North Hobart’s Sweet Envy, with Alistair Wise at the helm.

Drury Lane @ Brewtown, Newtown
There were so many baked goods that I wanted but there’s only so much Raff and I could possibly eat! Fat lamingtons, unbelievably flaky croissants, pretty as a picture vanilla slices…

Cookie @ Brewtown, Newtown
I’m immediately drawn to the ginormous cookie sandwiches ($7) in the display, there’s the Monty – an orange biscuit with coconut butter cream and jam filling and the Nutterbutter – a peanut cookie with peanut butter buttercream filling but we choo choo choose the Margate!

Cookie @ Brewtown, Newtown
Isn’t she a beauty? The Margate has a chocolate buttercream and ganache filling and is pretty damn incredible, tasting like a softer, chewier  version of an ANZAC biscuit <3

Pie and Sausage Rolls at Drury Lane @ Brewtown, Newtown
Drury Lane’s kitchen also pumps out a savoury range, buttery pies and sausage rolls are available so be sure to check out the chalkboard for the days selection. There’s two kinds of of sausage rolls: Pork & Fennel ($7) and a Lamb & Harissa ($7). And for the pies there’s: Cauliflower & Cheese, Tongue & Cheek and a Chicken & Sausage Gumbo Pie.

Sausage Roll at Drury Lane @ Brewtown, Newtown
The pastry is brilliantly flaky and of course shatters all over me thanks to my inability to eat like a normal person.

Pie at Drury Lane @ Brewtown, Newtown
The Chicken & Sausage pie is a winner, more of that incredible golden pastry and tender pieces of chicken buried within. I also loved the homemade tomato chutney on the side which is sweet, tangy and slightly smoky.

Sticky Pecan Bun at Drury Lane @ Brewtown, Newtown
The Pecan Sticky Bun ($7) was featured in Gourmet Traveller’s Top 50 dishes and it’s not hard to see why! Bite into the crisp outer pastry studded with a generous amount of pecans that’s smothered in a gooey, irresistible dark caramel which has got a good hit of salt to stop us from going over the ledge into a sugar coma. Definitely a must order with each visit!

Jatz Crack Pie @ Brewtown, Newtown
Last but not least is the Jatz Crack Pie ($7), a layer of sweet caramel quite like the Momofuku crack pie or a caramel slice and layered with Jatz crackers for the buttery salty hit.

Drury Lane @ Brewtown, Newtown
I’m looking forward to returning and trying every single baked good on the menu!

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5 thoughts on “Drury Lane @ Brewtown, Newtown”
  1. Everything was great but how awesome was that sticky pecan bun?! I went back last Sunday haha

  2. Oh my goodness! Oh my goodness!!!!!!!!

  3. Oh. My. Goodness. I am 100% going here! It all looks so amazing. I am going, I am eating lots and I’m taking some home for later.

  4. irene says:

    OMG those cookie sandwiches! <3

  5. So glad I won’t have to make the trip to Hobart for these treats! That nutter butter is mine!

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