Ferah Cafe and Restaurant, Newtown

  10 July 2017

Banquet Turkish Breakfast for two at Ferah Cafe and Restaurant, Newtown
So I saw @crunchytiger post about the Banquet Turkish Breakfast For Two ($42.50) at Ferah Cafe and Restaurant in Newtown and I freaked the hell out because look at it! It’s BEYOOOOTIFUL! So much fricken food but all relatively healthy! Huzzah for health so that we may continue eating burgers and fries and mash and gravy šŸ˜›

Turkish tea at Ferah Cafe and Restaurant, Newtown
But first, tea! The top teapot holds Turkish tea and the bottom teapot is hot water, so you can adjust the strength of your tea to your liking. Oh and sugar cubes for those with a sweet tooth.

Banquet Turkish Breakfast for two at Ferah Cafe and Restaurant, Newtown
YASSSS GAWD! A giant board arrives first, piled with slices of watermelon, rockmelon, cucumber, tomatoes, Turkish white cheese,Ā kasar (traditional Turkish cheddar cheese) and lil saucersĀ of marinated olives, jams (sour cherry and strawberry), cream & honey, tahin-pekmez (tahini mixed with grape molasses)Ā and butter.

Egg with Sucuk and Menemen at Ferah Cafe and Restaurant, Newtown
Then steaming hot bowls of Menemen- Turkish style scrambled eggs with tomatoes, onions and chilli, a bowl of fried egg studded with Sucuk (Turkish sausage), and a basket of fluffeh Turkish bread.

Sigara Boregi and pastries at Ferah Cafe and Restaurant, Newtown
And finally the pastry board with Sigara boregi- Turkish cigar shaped pastry, made with feta cheese and phyllo dough. Definitely a feast worthy of kings!

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9 thoughts on “Ferah Cafe and Restaurant, Newtown”
  1. nat says:

    Oh my god!!! Okay definitely adding it to my list now. I miss turkish food. I think I ate my weight of sigara boregi when I was in Turkey few years ago ….

  2. Ramen Raff says:

    Those menemen look so good! Yes, banquet looks heaps purdy!

  3. Whoah. Such an awesome spread – and props for not touching any of it until it all arrived. lol.

    1. Nicholas Jordan says:

      Also, Helen is so right. Impressive.

  4. So much delicious food!! Haven’t seen sugar cubes for ages

  5. Nicholas Jordan says:

    Yes! I love Ferah’s banquet menu. Such good value.

  6. Andreya says:

    looking so delicious and yummy food…nice blog

  7. irene says:

    Looks amazing. On my list it goes!

  8. Anil Sharma says:

    Great Article ! So much delicious food!

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