4 Ounces Burger Co, Alexandria

  30 July 2017

The Common at 4 Ounces Burger Co, Alexandria
Do we need another burger joint in Sydney? I say the more the merrier, especially if they’re sustainability focused! 4 Ounces Burger Co has set up shop in the old Henley’s Wholefoods in Alexandria and run by head chef Rory Donnelley (ex-Cafe del Mar) and his childhood friend Mitch Coleman. With the majority of their produce sourced from within a 300-kilometre radius of Sydney and hip hop tunes pumping, 4 Ounces is definitely a welcome addition to the burger scene.

The Common ($10) is the classic cheeseburger with 4 Ounces ‘special blend’ pattie (beef sourced from Hereford Red, Orange), slices of Westmont pickles, gloriously melty American cheese, mustard, ketchup and onion on a milk bun which comes from The Bread and Butter Project. For a tenner it’s pretty damn awesome!

The Ol' Dirty at 4 Ounces Burger Co, Alexandria
You guys totally knew I’d get the Ol’ Dirty ($19) right? I mean, cmon, DONUTS FOR THE BUNS?! Hell yeah! And Donut Papi to boot! There’s two 4 Ounce ‘special blend’ patties, melty American cheese, slices of Westmont pickles, rashers of maple bacon, and a good amount of house sauce all sitting a-pretty between the donuts which surprisingly held up against all that juiciness. And oh how I do love a good sweet and salty combo!

The Ghostface at 4 Ounces Burger Co, Alexandria
On another visit, Noods chooses the Ghostface ($16) with 4 ounce ‘special blend’ pattie, American cheese, chilli Westmont pickle, hot sauce, jalapeño aioli, lettuce, tomato and onion on a milk bun. We’re not sure if our spice tolerance has improved but we didn’t find this burger spicy at all. The pickles were zingy but yeah could probs do with more hot sauce!

The Birdman at 4 Ounces Burger Co, Alexandria
4 Ounces do a pretty kickass chicken burger with the Birdman ($17) and the organic, free-range chicken is sourced from Feather and Bone. The batter on the southern fried chicken is spot on, golden and crisp and encasing perfectly juicy chicken. There’s slices of American cheese, Westmont pickles, lettuce, tomato, a lil hot sauce with the house sauce and housed in a milk bun.

Loaded Fries at 4 Ounces Burger Co, Alexandria
There’s never a contest between normal fries if the option for Loaded Fries ($10) is ever on the menu. 4 Ounces version is a pretty generous serve, the basket of golden fries are loaded with jalapeno aioli, chilli pickles, crispy maple bacon bits, hot sauce and smothered in liquid cheese.

4 Ounces Burger Co, Alexandria
4 Ounces Burger Co
38 Mitchell Road,

Trading Hours:
Tues – Sat: 12pm – 12am
Sun: 12pm – 10pm

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  1. She’s backkkk!!! These guys are practically a local for you right? Great….when are we going? x

  2. Ramen Raff says:

    Oh man you know how I love my classic cheeseburger but that Ol’ Dirty sounds off the chainz yo!

  3. Haha omg reminds me of our DIY Luther!

  4. irene says:

    Ohh yeah that Ol Dirty is calling my name!

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