Moka, Beaconsfield

  26 May 2018

Demi glace omurice at Moka, BeaconsfieldMoka Dining has recently opened in Beaconsfield (only 8 mins from Waterloo!) with an entire menu of omurice- a popular Japanese dish that’s basically omelette and rice.

So fun fact, I’ve been to Japan twice now but have never had any interest in eating omurice, I’ve seen plenty of pics of it but well, the draw of incredibly fresh sushi always won out. But now with the beginnings of winter creeping upon us, I’ve unpacked the knitted jumpers, fleece lined stockings and colourful scarves and started craving hearty, comfort foods.

Demi glace omurice at Moka, Beaconsfield
Demi-glace sauce omurice ($16.80). This omurice is the ultimate in comfort food. A blanket of fluffy omelette lounges seductively over a mound of steamed rice and surrounded by a moat of Japanese style beef sauce with pieces of tender beef. It’s honestly a warm, snuggly hug for the soul.

Creamy Omurice at Moka, Beaconsfield
Creamy white sauce omurice with bacon and mushroom ($15.80).YAS LOOK AT ALL THE CREAM! While this is not a traditional omurice, I’m always a sucker for anything creamy + carbs. Plus it had mushrooms and bacon which is always my fave combo and reminded me of boscaiola pasta.

Creamy Omurice at Moka, Beaconsfield
Lemme just show you a closeup… oh baby oh baby! Yes it’s a bit pricey but damn the portions are massive! We barely made it halfway through each dish and had to takeaway the leftovers.

Durian crepe at Moka, BeaconsfieldBut of course I couldn’t resist dessert! Moka makes fresh sponge cakes with cream but I only had eyes for their ‘towel rolls’ which is basically a crepe filled with a layer of cream and rolled up so it resembles a crepe layer cake. Flavours available that day were taro, matcha, chocolate AND DURIAN!!!

Durian crepe at Moka, BeaconsfieldThe rolls are $20 each but the durian is $22 and you can buy them for takeaway or if you’re dining in it’s sliced into thirds. The amount of durian and cream in the rolls is pretty generous, the cream is fresh and the durian super fragrant. Definitely a winner for durian lovers!

Moka, Beaconsfield
Instagram friendly 😛

Moka, Beaconsfield

Moka Dining
358 Botany Road,

Trading Hours:
Mon – Sun: 11am – 10pm
Weds: Closed

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8 thoughts on “Moka, Beaconsfield”
  1. Ramen Raff says:

    I freakin love omurice with demiglace! I need to try this.

  2. The Creamy white sauce omurice…. my lawd!!!!! My stomach would be in pieces! hahahaha

  3. Carlyn says:

    I never knew about creamy white sauce omurice. I want to try it. I like the cakes. They look really yummy.

  4. Nicholas Jordan says:

    Omg awesome.

  5. OOo creamy omurice! So gonna get the durian roll for my fam!

  6. I would like a snuggy hug from some omurice 下さい! And is that why there’s a bathtub in the dining room? Because they have plenty of towels? lololol

  7. OMG!!! I can just walk to the restaurant from my office!!!

    This is dangerous!!!!

  8. Sacha says:

    You do find the best omurice! Need to get out there now!

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