Smoky Sue’s, Neutral Bay

  28 July 2018

Brisket at Smoky Sue's, Neutral BayIt takes a lot for me to make the trip over the Bridge. But for the past couple of weeks I’ve been craving barbecue and with Black Bear Barbecue closed on the weekends (edit: I spoke too soon, they’re doing a popup at Entertainment Quarter on the weekends now!), I managed to convince the boy that we needed to visit Smoky Sue’s in Neutral Bay and check out their offerings. And then another visit when Raff and I took a day off for a food crawl!

Barbecue platter at Smoky Sue's, Neutral Bay
The Double Platter ($55) comes with your choice of 3 meats and 1 side with fries, pickles and a sauce. Such value! The portions of the meats were pretty generous, we stuffed ourselves silly and had about ¼ left to take home (haha barbecue leftovers are so good tho, thank you past Suze). Smoky Sue’s does barbecue in a not so traditional way, sous viding the meats for a bit and then smoking so the meat is always incredibly tender and juicy but still with the delicious smoky flavour.

Brisket at Smoky Sue's, Neutral Bay
For our meats I decided against the pulled pork, pulled lamb, fried chicken and pork ribs. Next time fellas! Instead we got the Texas style 100-day grain fed point end beef brisket which is a beauty, I mean, check out that smoke ring! The meat is tender with a ribbon of creamy fat and a good hit of smokiness. But that bark! It’s a flavour that’s just out of this world, with that magical combo of caramelised and salty edges that will make you want to curl up and go to barbecue nirvana..

Hot link sausages at Smoky Sue's, Neutral Bay
I loved the plump and springy smoked sausage links (from Challenger Smallgoods) that’s stuffed with cheese and jalapeno though I would’ve liked a bit more heat (woah who am I?).

Beef Short Rib at Smoky Sue's, Neutral BayHNNNNG. Can you hear me drooling from behind your screen? The 100-day grain fed beef short ribs is nothing short of mouthwatering meat heaven. It was so ridiculously tender I could’ve used a spoon to spoon with it cut it apart! It was fattylicious and insanely juicy with a delicious smokiness throughout. It’s a pretty giant serve and this pushed us into meat sweats territory. But I’m not complaining! No siree!

For the choice of sides, I get the Slaw- thinly sliced red and white cabbage and grated carrot with balsamic dressing for some semblance of health. It’s crisp, refreshing and helps to cut through the richness of all the meats. On my second visit with Raff we get the Mac and Cheese bombs, creamy mac and cheese that’s been crumbed and deep fried to molten perfection.

Ribby Mc Ribface Beef Short Rib Burger at Smoky Sue's, Neutral Bay
Raff couldn’t resist the Ribby McRibFace ($28), a limited time only special that is just so friggen epic with a their incredible beef short rib, slaw and American cheese between Brasserie Bread’s soft milk buns. The short rib bone is easily pulled away leaving one beast of a burger and is definitely one for the meat-lovers out there.

Hot wings at Smoky Sue's, Neutral Bay
We also scored wings drenched in Franks hot sauce on the house (Thanks Owen!) they’re new to the menu ($15/12 wings) and Smoky Sue’s will be giving away 2000 free wings on Sunday 29th September with any purchase!

Smoky Sue's, Neutral Bay

Smoky Sue’s
3/6 Rangers Rd,
Neutral Bay
(02) 9908 3909

Trading Hours:
Tues – Thurs: 5.30pm – late
Fri – Sun: 12pm – late
(Kitchen closes 9pm)

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6 thoughts on “Smoky Sue’s, Neutral Bay”
  1. Okay………… I need to go ASAP!!!!!!!!!

  2. Ramen Raff says:

    hahaha that Ribby Mcribface was freakin’ awesome and so is everything else!

  3. Marissa Kang says:

    Which one do you prefer? Black bear or Smoky Sues?!

  4. Ah its all starting to happen on this side of the bridge Suze (has been way too long in the making) so you may have to make more trips! Even Terry Durack has crossed the bridge recently!

  5. lol at the Ribby McRibface. So cute but also looks so delicious!

  6. Tastee Fix says:

    My stomach is grumbling just by looking at the yummy dishes!

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