Bistro Guillaume, Sydney

  4 February 2019

Souffle at Bistro Guillaume, Sydney
Have you ever chosen to dine at a restaurant solely because of one item you’ve seen on the menu? That’s what happened when we spotted the Twice baked souffle with roquefort sauce ($21) and decided to visit Bistro Guillaume. I friggen love cheese souffles and this a must order. The souffle was the very definition of a cloud. One deliciously cheesy cloud! The souffle was so light and fluffy with a base hit of salty roquefort sauce. The souffle does come in different sizes and I definitely recommend getting the larger one especially if you’re sharing 😛

Pate at Bistro Guillaume, Sydney
I’m not sure why but there was just something I couldn’t quite put a finger on why I didn’t like the Chicken liver parfait with pear chutney ($20). I think partly because of the texture as it wasn’t firm enough and felt a like it was on the verge of dissolving into a puddle of liver liquid. And maybe I was crazy but it tasted super metallic and bitter to me hmm moving along now

Steak at Bistro Guillaume, Sydney
Our waiter knew we were sharing all the food so while it was nice of them to split the Grainge Signature 300 Day Grain Fed Steak Frites ($48) for us (and we’re pretty sure we got more fries than normal), I kinda wished the steak arrived whole because um FOR THE PICS but also lol when the tiny piece of steak arrived I was like Oh… It’s so smol. But the steak was great! It’s been ages since I’ve had a good steak and Bistro Guillaume nails it! Nicely seared on the outside but with a tender and juicy medium rare. While I love eggs, for some reason I have issues with bearnaise (and also hollandaise) sauce and for once it’s not a texture thing. But scraping the sauce to the side is an easy enough fix so I could enjoy the steak in all it’s true steaky form.

Duck at Bistro Guillaume, Sydney
The Confit duck leg ($42) is a beauty with juicy and incredibly tender meat and a tile of perfectly crisp skin. I sneakily dug around for the roasted brussel sprouts buried under the duck and loved the fresh pops of pomegranate.

Gratin at Bistro Guillaume, Sydney
The Cauliflower gratin ($15) was a pretty generous serving, and oh so cheesy with a deliciously tasty breadcrumb crust.

Mash at Bistro Guillaume, Sydney
But the Paris mash ($12)! My god please bury me in that mash! Ridiculously smooth and buttery and just so delicious I could eat this forever.

Petit Fours at Bistro Guillaume, Sydney
There’s just something about a dessert trolley displaying perfectly arranged treats that speaks to me. Everything on the Petit fours trolley was $2 each and a definite must order is their salted caramels! Perfect balance of sweet and salty, it’s chewy but it won’t stick to a molar and remove a filling.

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4 thoughts on “Bistro Guillaume, Sydney”
  1. The Steak…so SMOL 🙂 HAHAHA. The mash is insanely good!!

  2. That mash is SO GOOD. Low fat and low calorie I’m sure!

  3. That mash looks like perfection! And haha I can just picture your face when the smol steak arrived. lol

  4. Sacha says:

    That confit of duck leg looks smashing! I just need to find a way to get Guillaume!

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