Champeaux Restaurant, Paris

  19 February 2019

Champeaux Restaurant, Paris
One incredibly warm day while out exploring Paris, the boy and I stumbled into Champeaux Restaurant, part of the Alan Ducasse empire. We’d been checking out the Les Halles area and required sustenance and I just happened to recognise this restaurant from one of LTL’s IG posts from a while back. The feature wall of the restaurant has the menu displayed on those old school train schedule boards, fitting as the restaurant is right above the Chalet Les Halles metro station.

French Onion Soup at Champeaux Restaurant, Paris
We couldn’t resist ordering the French onion soup ($12) after spying it at a neighbouring table. It was a deliciously soul warming soup packed with a truckload of sweet translucent onion. A slice of cheesy bread came on the side instead of floating in the soup and getting all soggy but ah how I wished there was a layer of melty cheese in the soup!

Lobster souffle at Champeaux Restaurant, Paris
I had my heart set on a souffle, there was the option of a cheese souffle ($10) but the flavour of the week was the Lobster souffle ($12) which swayed me.

Lobster souffle at Champeaux Restaurant, Paris
The waiter poked a small hole into the souffle before quickly pouring in the lobster bisque. The aroma of the bisque was just so incredibly heady and fragrant. The souffle is tall and impossibly light, I gleefully dig into the ethereal cloudlike innards with spoonfuls of the intense lobster bisque before all too soon it is demolished.

Steak tartare at Champeaux Restaurant, Paris
The 180g Charolais beef tartare ($21) was a good sized portion compared to other restaurants we had been where it’s normally a whole mountain of raw meat. It was nicely seasoned and we appreciated the side salad and hot chips but wished we had some bread to eat it with.

Duck leg parmentier at Champeaux Restaurant, Paris
The Duck leg Parmentier ($18) wasn’t quite what I had in mind, I guess I just saw the word duck leg and assumed I’d be getting the duck whole but instead the dish was served more like a shepherd’s pie with morsels of shredded duck. It was fine but it was so incredibly rich and I was struggling to make a dent in this and had to admit defeat which meant not being able to try the chocolate souffle -_- woe is me.

Champeaux Restaurant
Forum des Halles
Porte Rambuteau
75001 Paris

Trading Hours:
7 days: 12pm – 12am

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4 thoughts on “Champeaux Restaurant, Paris”
  1. Jett says:

    This is delicious food.

  2. Emma says:

    gaaaah everything looks impeccable!! I was going to say the french onion soup looked divine, but I kept scrolling!!

  3. Ramen Raff says:

    We’re hittin up Paris next year and definitely adding this the list! That souffle sounds amazing.

  4. French onion soup in France? Does it get any better!?! lol

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