Myeongdong Korean Restaurant, North Strathfield

  27 April 2019

Banchan at Myeongdong Korean Restaurant, Strathfield
You know when you eat at a Korean restaurant and they’ll supply you with 1 or 2 free banchan side dishes with your food? Well Myeongdong Korean Restaurant in North Strathfield has become legendary in reputation for providing the most amount of free banchan in Sydney.

As soon as Raff and Phuoc have arrived, we immediately order and a whole flurry of banchan dishes are quickly placed on our table, covering ¾ of the surface area. It truly was the most amount of free banchan I have ever seen! Standout favourites was the thinly sliced fishcakes and surprisingly the spicy radish kimchi. Oh and did I mention that they’ll happily refill any of the banchan? Such value.

Seafood pancake at Myeongdong Korean Restaurant, Strathfield
The Haemul pajeon seafood pancake ($20) is huge and studded with a generous amount of octopus, prawns, mussels and shallots. The edges are a crispylicious delight and the seafood is juicy and tender.

Spicy pork rib hot pot at Myeongdong Korean Restaurant, Strathfield
It was a struggle to wait while the Spicy Pork rib hot pot (medium, $52) is slowly simmering away but we picked at the banchan and not so patiently stirred every few minutes to check if everything was nice and tender.

But patience is a virtue and all that jazz you know? And we were greatly rewarded with meltingly tender pork that just about fell off the bone with but a touch and scooping out the slippery potato noodles and enoki mushroom made for such a heartwarming meal that cold night.

Cold buckwheat noodles at Myeongdong Korean Restaurant, Strathfield
On a return visit, I’ve brought the fam for their first proper meal at a Korean restaurant and to show them the wonders of free banchan. We basically reorder the same foods but we also order the Cold Buckwheat Noodle Soup ($17) which is super refreshing, the noodles are springy with a nice bite but oh boy this is surprisingly filling! While the food is generally large enough for family share style there are some smaller menu items available. Oh and be sure to arrive early ahead of the lunch/dinner rush otherwise be prepared to queue!

Myeongdong Korean Restaurant
2/1 George St,
North Strathfield

Trading Hours
7 days: 10am – midnight

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  1. Ramen Raff says:

    The most banchan I’ve ever seen served in any Korean restaurant I’ve ever been to! haha

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