ButterCrumbs Croissants, Rhodes

  10 June 2019

ButterCrumbs Croissants, Rhodes
So a few weekends ago Joy mentioned a croissant shop had popped up inside the Bare Witness cafe in Rhodes and eager to re-live my croissant eating Paris days (which I uh still haven’t blogged about), the boy and I made the trek out to Agent Orange land.

Croissant innards at ButterCrumbs Croissants, Rhodes
We start with the Original croissant ($4), a perfectly golden specimen and the last one available from the display. The amount of layers is certainly impressive, especially considering the size of the kitchen! The croissant hits all the right check marks with a crisp, golden shell and light, buttery honeycomb innards.

Chocolate croissant at ButterCrumbs Croissants, Rhodes
The Pain au chocolat ($4.50) is a beauty and quite large for a chocolate croissant. The pastry is just as awesome as the original and has a couple of sticks of rich dark chocolate snuggled together at the base.

Pretzel croissant at ButterCrumbs Croissants, Rhodes
The Pretzel ($4.50) is a beautiful burnished croissant just begging to be devoured. The croissant pastry is a bit more denser, like well, a pretzel. The sprinkle of sesame seeds is very moreish and I reckon this would be perfect if it was a filled croissant with ham and cheese!

Buttercube at ButterCrumbs Croissants, Rhodes
The butter cube immediately catches my eye with its perfect cube shape and squillions of layers. On offer that morning was a large unfilled butter cube ($9) or the smaller matcha cream filled ($5) but I’ve chosen the vanilla cream filled butter cube ($5).

Buttercube at ButterCrumbs Croissants, Rhodes
But did it live up to the hype? Hmmm. Biting into the cube was pretty much impossible, it was about a cm too tall for a proper top-down bite and eating it sideways against the layers seemed so wrong. I loved the super smooth vanilla cream filling but oh how little the filling was! And the cube itself? While impressive looking with all its layers and perfect edges I felt a bit letdown in taste. I think I was expecting it to be like a palmier, sweet and crisp but instead it was basically a compressed croissant pastry and with a name like buttercube i’d expect it to be… buttery..

Pecan croissant at ButterCrumbs Croissants, Rhodes
The Sticky nuts ($6) however blew my mind! It was exactly like a pecan pie with brown sugar caramelised gooeyness and mixed nuts encrusted on a croissant base. It has the perfect balance of sweetness with a touch of saltiness and all of the textures from crunch to chew.

Spinach and ricotta croissant at ButterCrumbs Croissants, Rhodes
And I had to get a savoury to balance all the sweets so a Spinach and ricotta ($6) croissant was procured.

Spinach and ricotta croissant at ButterCrumbs Croissants, Rhodes
The filling in this was nice and generous almost to the point where it was too much haha whinge whinge ikr but I loved this filled croissant, there was enough flaky pastry encasing the smooth cheesy spinach innards. It was pretty filling (although eating 5+ croissants will do that for you lol) and fyi it holds up pretty good reheating in the oven later 😀

Buttercrumbs Croissants (inside Bare Witness cafe)
30 Shoreline Drive

Trading hours:
Fri, Sat, Sun: 8am – sold out

5 thoughts on “ButterCrumbs Croissants, Rhodes”
  1. The Sticky Nuts!!!!!!!!!!! Swoooooooooooooooooon! I live across the pond in Wentworth Point and I’m constantly at Bare Witness and Buttercrumbs is always closed, hahaha. My bad timing!!!

  2. Jae Kim says:

    Hi Susan
    Thank you so much for your posting and feedback! Really helps a small business like us.
    We look forward to see you soon!

  3. It’s a pity those cubes are a bit of letdown in taste as they look awesome!

  4. dj898 says:

    they open another shop at Five Dock. 🙂

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