Poly, Surry Hills

  20 July 2019

Poly in Surry Hills is part of the Paramount Hotel with a much more casual wine bar vibe than sister restaurant Ester but is equally as delicious. I’ve been a few times- once for the amazing Scarlet prawn dish and the light comte donut but both times I’d forgotten my camera so a birthday dinner with Isaac rectifies this!

Potato w salted egg yolk at Poly, Surry Hills
We start with the Fried potato, salted egg yolk ($14), which I’d bookmarked on Instagram and thought about since their first inception in early May. The golden cubes are made up of layers of tender potato- it was like eating the most perfect hashbrown! While the salted egg yolk topping was delicious I kinda expected a more intense salted egg yolk flavour? Although I think I have become spoilt by eating many bags of Irvins that maybe my tastebuds have become immune to salted egg yolk flavour that doesn’t punch you in the face.

Steak tartare at Poly, Surry Hills
The Raw beef, fried cheese ($24) is a mound of hand chopped steak tartare hiding under a parmesan wafer.

Steak tartare at Poly, Surry Hills
We were instructed to break up the wafer and mix but I chose to break off bits and scoopsies the tartare and woah it totally tasted like a cheeseburger! The tartare was perfectly seasoned and I loved the sharpness of the cheese.

Cheese dumplings at Poly, Surry Hills
The only word to describe the Cheese dumplings with cheese rind and grilled onion soup ($24) is: DEEEEELIGHTFUL. This whole plate was perfection, the dumplings tender pasta skin held pockets of liquid cheese and together with a spoonful of the onion soup it just tasted like a warm hug for the soul.

Beef short rib at Poly, Surry Hills
Instead of getting the Steak sandwich we decide to go all out and order the Short rib, burnt honey, sugarloaf cabbage salad ($60). It is a very generous portion of tender, juicy meat with a perfect medium rare centre and deliciously charred edges. We started getting the meat sweats towards the end but it’s so worth it!

Sticky date pudding donut at Poly, Surry Hills
Sadly the Comte donut has disappeared from the menu but there’s a Sticky date donut ($15) for dessert that is absolutely lip smackingly delicious! The donut is more a crisp cruller/churros style than a fluffy donut but oh boy that sauce! That beautiful rich, butterscotch sauce! I wanted to bathe in it but instead settled for scraping every last schmear off the plate.

74-76 Commonwealth St,
Surry Hills

Trading Hours:
Monday – Friday: 5pm – 12am
Saturday: 3pm – 12am
Sunday: 3pm – 10pm

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  1. Ramen Raff says:

    Raw beef with cheese and cheese dumplings noted!!! Can’t wait to visit Poly!!

  2. My god! That Sticky date!!!!!!!!! I need to go ASAP!

  3. I’ve been eyeing that sticky date donut for weeks now! And I totally would have done the same with the tartare – maintain the crunch!

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