Bush, Redfern

  3 August 2019

Cheeseburger at Bush, Redfern
BUSH HAS OPENED IN REDFERN! You might’ve had their roo pies or cheeseburgers at popups around Sydney at The Meat Emporium or seen Grant Lawn around at Young Henry’s but he’s finally set up permanent digs in the ‘fern! They’re located on the quieter side of Redfern with a courtyard space, handmade communal tables and plush Aussie animals around the space. They’re also BYO (for now) and a short and sweet menu with plans for more items soon.

Kangaroo party pie at Bush, Redfern
Of course the Curry roo party pie ($6) has made it onto the menu and you bet it’s pretty damn tasty!

Kangaroo party pie innards at Bush, Redfern
The puff pastry is gloriously golden and flaky, holding a generous amount of curried kangaroo mince mixture. It comes with tomato sauce but there’s also hot sauce available if you ask nice enough 😛

Cheeseburger and crinkle cut chips at Bush, Redfern
The Cheeseburger ($12) with crinkle cut chips ($6) has made it to the top of the list of my favourite burgers in Sydney! The milk bun is squishy and soft but lightly toasted so that it doesn’t disintegrate halfway through. The smashed pattie is perfectly juicy and blanketed with American cheese, pickles and chopped onion. Also crinkle cut chips is life.

Greens at Bush, Redfern
Or if you’re feeling like some health, instead of the fries you could instead opt for the Greens ($8), a salad of grilled cauliflower, potato, smoked almonds and fried capers tossed together in a green tahini dressing.

Mushroom burger at Bush, Redfern
There’s also a Mushroom burger ($12) for the veggos, a giant grilled portobello mushroom that’s hella juicy and pretty damn satisfying even for this carnivore.

Grapefruit and grandma's honey at Bush, Redfern
We were expressing doubt at the validity of getting the Grapefruit with grandma’s honey ($7) as dessert and the boys overheard us and sent out a complimentary one and oh boy it’s so good! The grapefruit is refreshing after the burgers and the bitter notes are masked by the most amazing honey I have ever tasted! It’s incredibly fragrant and floral and blasts all the one-note supermarket honeys right out of the water. The honey is sourced from Grant’s grandma and can be bought by the jar to drown everything to your heart’s desire.

Fairy bread and butter pudding at Bush, Redfern
If the sight of the Fairy bread and butter pudding ($10) doesn’t make you smile then you are quite possibly dead on the inside. This is a dessert that’s reminiscent of childhood thanks to the generous sprinkle of the hundreds & thousands but also pleases my (slightly more) adult palate with the rich custard soaked buttery bread pudding.

55 George St,

Trading Hours:
Tues – Sat: 12pm – 10pm
Sun – Mon: Closed

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10 thoughts on “Bush, Redfern”
  1. Ramen Raff says:

    Best chizubagga in Sydney! I need to try the mushroom burg!

    1. chocolatesuze says:

      yassss so good

  2. Ohhh my goodnessssssssss!!!!!!!!!! I must go ASAP!!!!!!

    1. chocolatesuze says:

      heh see you soon <3

  3. I’m pretty sure you started the current Bush craze. lol. The burgers do look good!

    1. chocolatesuze says:

      <333333 let me know when you're in the hood and we can go!

  4. Sophie says:

    Hi Suze,
    I just wanted to let you know that your blog made my day! Whenever I feel stressed or overwhelmed by work, I would visit your blog and imagine that I were in Sydney enjoying these meals right now.
    Please do update often!
    S from China

    1. chocolatesuze says:

      Hi Sophie, thank you so much for your kind words, I really appreciate it!

  5. Paul Richards says:

    We were there last night….disappointing reminded me of a glorified McDonalds. Kangaroo instead of Angus Beef, not cheap for what we got.

    1. chocolatesuze says:

      Hi Paul, that’s a shame you didn’t like their burgers! Did you mean the kangaroo in the pies?

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