Soul Dining, Surry Hills

  19 August 2019

Bread at Soul Dining, Surry Hills
Have you ever been to a restaurant and been so blown away by everything that you’ve immediately made a booking to return before the meal is even over? This is what happened when Angela and I dined at Soul Dining in Surry Hills for my birthday and we immediately msged Isaac to join us a few weeks later so this post is a mashup of the 2 visits.

There’s currently a truffle menu available so get in quick before the season ends! The Truffle Wagyu beef tartare ($10 each) is an absolute delight, the crinkly rice crisp holds nubbins of ruby red Wagyu, paper thin slices of radish and a sprinkle of chives. Three giant truffle shavings perch proudly atop, infusing the air with that heady truffle scent.

Truffle egg bread at Soul Dining, Surry Hills
The Truffle egg bread ($22) doesn’t look like much but cutting into it reveals a river of gooey egg yolk that melds with the creamy truffle mayo.

Truffle egg bread at Soul Dining, Surry Hills
[Cries in happiness]

Truffle cream tteokbokki at Soul Dining, Surry Hills
Our favourite of the bunch though was the Truffle cream tteokbokki ($27) with chicken cream broth. I’m used to the tteokbokki rice cakes in a spicy sauce but this combination was awesome, the tteokbokki soaked up the cream sauce perfectly and while it was rich, it was the perfect vehicle for the grated truffle to meld together and unlock that umami door.

Wagyu beef tartare at Soul Dining, Surry Hills
We return programming to the non truffle menu starting with their version of yukhoe, a Wagyu tartare ($22) with juicy sweet Singo pear, chilli, watermelon radish and an egg yolk just begging to be stabbed and released into oblivion. Mix it all up and scoopsies onto the seaweed crisp for a textural bombshell of deliciousness.

Spicy pork jaffle at Soul Dining, Surry Hills
The Spicy pork jaffle ($15) was an immediate hit, the jaffle is stuffed with shreds of tender, spicy pork and blanketed with a generous amount of Jack cheese and gorgonzola. The pot of yuzu jam blows our minds, it’s sweet but refreshing and I would’ve dearly loved to buy a jar to spoon over ice cream!

Corn at Soul Dining, Surry Hills
I was on the fence on ordering the Curly corn on the cob ($12) but I’m so glad we did! The corn is awesome, somehow simultaneously crispy and juicy at the same time and slathered with garlic butter, pistachio powder and creme fraiche on the side for extra sauce-ing.

Barbecue beef short rib at Soul Dining, Surry Hills
The Barbecue beef short rib ($38) with galbi glaze is such a generous serve, and sliced for ease of eating even though it’s so incredibly tender I barely need teeth to enjoy the slow cooked meat. The glaze is sweet but there’s a slight smokiness that I really enjoy and mop up the sauce potato pave, carefully dissecting each potato layer.

Burnt honey semi-freddo at Soul Dining, Surry Hills
The Burnt honey semi-freddo ($15) is a spin on bingsoo with finely shaved ice, sweet persimmon and kinako powder. It’s simultaneously rich but refreshing and the perfect end to our meal.

SOUL Dining
204 Devonshire St,
Surry Hills

Trading Hours:
Tuesday – Wednesday 5–11pm
Thursday – Saturday: 12–3pm, 5–11pm
Sunday – Monday Closed

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6 thoughts on “Soul Dining, Surry Hills”
  1. SOUL Dining says:

    Hi ChocolateSuze! Thank you so much for this great review, we are so happy you enjoyed your dinner(s!!!) at SOUL!
    So looking forward to having you back, really curious to see what you think of the new menu coming up in September 🙂 xx SOUL Dining

  2. campinmybed says:

    Deffo one of the best modern Korean food in Sydney atm. Loved the octopus and the short ribs!

  3. The truffle egg bread!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The food looks great!! Two visits in a few weeks, must be good!!

  4. Hey! Thanks for sharing this amazing post. Pictures are awesome. I would love to visit this place soon.

  5. You hesitated about the curly corn? It sounds and looks AMAZE

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