Sydney Cebu Lechon, Newtown

  29 September 2019

Table of food at Sydney Cebu Lechon, Newtown
Sydney Cebu Lechon originally started as a catering lechon business supplying their famed charcoal roasted suckling pigs to the pork lovers of Sydney. The Mahusay family has been operating since 1991 and a few years ago opened a restaurant in Newtown.

Skewers at Sydney Cebu Lechon, Newtown
We start with Bbq pork skewers ($23.50), fat slices of pork belly glistening from the sweet and sticky glaze.

Skewer at Sydney Cebu Lechon, Newtown
The meat is tender and juicy and I swoon at the caramelised edges.

Veggie Lumpia at Sydney Cebu Lechon, Newtown
There’s a blackboard special of Ngo hiang, a vegetarian spring roll wrapped in beancurd skin that is crispylicious and is surprisingly addictive with the hot sauce.

Lechon at Sydney Cebu Lechon, Newtown
But time for the main event! There are limited portions of the Cebu Lechon (200g/$21.50), aka charcoal roasted pork which has been slow roasted for 3 hours, marinated in lemongrass, garlic, star anise, shallots, salt and pepper and comes with a side of rice. The pigs are organic and free range, with each plate of pork chopped to order.

Lechon at Sydney Cebu Lechon, Newtown
The pork is fantastic, the meat is tender and juicy with a slight smoky flavour. The tile of crackling is as amazing as it looks, crisp and deliciously fatty and the atsara (pickled papaya salad) helps cut through the richness.

Lechon Kawali at Sydney Cebu Lechon, Newtown
There’s also mains to share like the braised soy chicken or the mixed vegetables sauteed in shrimp paste but we’ve decided it’s gonna be a day of pork and get the Lechon Kawali ($23.50), aka incredible crispy fried pork belly. This is not one for the health conscious!

Dessert shelf at Sydney Cebu Lechon, Newtown
There’s a selection of desserts boxed up along the back wall for a quick takeaway treat or they can be plated up and eaten in the restaurant.

Desserts at Sydney Cebu Lechon, Newtown
We decide to share the Ube Cheesecake ($4.50) and the frozen Brazo de Mercedes ($4.50), cleverly served in cupcake portions.

Dessert innards at Sydney Cebu Lechon, Newtown
The Brazo de Mercedes is my favourite- the flavours are light and the meringue is nice and fluffy against the frozen custard centre. The Ube Cheesecake is a touch on the sweet side but deliciously creamy with grated coconut on top.

Leche flan at Sydney Cebu Lechon, Newtown
And I had my eyes set on the Leche flan, a gloriously golden custard, rich and smooth and drenched in a syrupy sweet caramel.

There’s less than 30 seats in Cebu so arrive early or make a booking otherwise risk missing out on the glorious lechon!

Sydney Cebu Lechon
Shop 4/80-80A Enmore Rd,

Trading hours:
Friday: 5:45pm – 9pm
Saturday: 11:45am – 3pm, 5:45pm – 9pm
Sunday: 11:45am – 3pm, 5:45pm – 9pm
Monday – Thursday: Closed

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5 thoughts on “Sydney Cebu Lechon, Newtown”
  1. Ramen Raff says:

    Love Cebu lechon!!! Crackling is life.

  2. Christian says:

    Wow! These foods look delicious. My mouth is watering right now. It may look simple but I’ve already these foods before and they are 100% delicious.

  3. Don Schuldes says:

    Had an amazing lunch to celebrate a friends birthday. The Lechon and Pinakbet were the standout dishes.

  4. I can’t wait to unlock the one of my bucket lists that is to taste/eat the cebu lechon.

  5. Those pork belly skewers were so good! And that lechon!

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