L.A Donuts, Beverly Hills

  1 March 2020

L.A Donuts, Beverly Hills
Whoops and just like that, February has escaped me! Anywhos let’s talk about my love of donuts. My obsession for them came from trips from where else but the land of the deep fried? There were so many variations in the US of A- bear claws aplenty, glazed, filled, dusted in powdered sugar, topped with whipped cream or smothered in sprinkles. And while there’s a fair few donut shops that are pretty great in Sydney, there’s a new contender that has absolutely blown my mind- L.A Donuts in Beverly Hills!

L.A Donuts, Beverly Hills
Yes it is a bit of a trek, about a 20min drive from the city BUT IT’S WORTH IT GUYS! The shop is on a main road but there’s heaps of parking out front and plenty of tables in case you want to eat in. Prices start from $2.50 for a plain cinnamon donut and go up to $5 for the nutella filled donut.

Homer Simpson donut at L.A Donuts, Beverly Hills
The Homer Simpson donut is certainly eye catching and is the first to be picked from the display cabinet. It just brings a smile to my face and the neon pink and rainbow sprinkles just instantly screams childhood party happiness! The donut itself is fluffy and holds up against the sweet strawberry glaze.

Knafe donut at L.A Donuts, Beverly Hills
The Knafa donut ($5) caught my eye for being a different offering from the usual suspects. The donut is impressively plump and filled with ashta, a special Lebanese custard with the heady flavour of rosewater. I did find this donut to be a touch too sweet for me but I would definitely recommend this one if you’re a fan of rosewater!

Jam and cream finger bun at L.A Donuts, Beverly Hills
The jam and cream finger bun ($4.50) is what has brought me here AND IT WAS EVERYTHING I HAD DREAMED OF! It was just so incredibly light and airy and fluffy and the amount of fresh cream and swirls of strawberry jam was perfect- not too little, not too much BUT JUST RIGHT! It was like eating a cloud!

Apple fritter at L.A Donuts, Beverly Hills
The apple fritter ($4.50) is one helluva ugly beast but it’s incredibly delicious I promise! All craggly with crevases just perfect to soak up all the delicious glaze. There’s actually not very much apple in the fritter but there’s enough for that apple flavour and it just tastes so comforting.

Jam donut at L.A Donuts, Beverly Hills
The donuts I would eat after school were the jam filled ones from Donut King, which by the way has anyone noticed there aren’t any stores in the CBD? So of course I had to get my jam donut fix and these babies are monster sized and pretty hefty in weight for only $2.50! The donut itself was surprisingly light considering how much jam is stuffed inside, and there’s a LOT of jam which is fantastic, who else hates a donut that’s stingy on the filling!

Cinnamon scroll at L.A Donuts, Beverly Hills
The cinnamon scroll ($4) is another hefty donut with swirls of cinnamon folded into the buttery pastry. The whole shebang is split in half and filled with whipped cream before being reassembled and drizzled with a caramel glaze and then a dusting of icing sugar for good measure.

L.A Donuts
Shop 2/328 King Georges Rd,
Beverly Hills

Trading Hours:
Sun – Thurs: 9am – 8pm
Fri – Sat: 24 hours (or until sold out)

3 thoughts on “L.A Donuts, Beverly Hills”
  1. Phuoc says:

    Yum! The jam and cream finger bun looks and sounds amaze

  2. Ramen Raff says:

    Really really need to go here!! Doughnut crawl soon??

  3. How good is LA Donuts? The service is so rough… but the doughnuts, whoar!! I have to say they’re up there for some of the best in SYD (especially when you factor in the price).

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