Happy New Year!

  11 January 2022

So just like that, 2021 comes to a close. The year felt like it dragged so long and yet somehow I’m surprised it’s already over. The year began with QR codes, masks and vaccinations. Toobs were all the rage, I made a lot of poke bowls and there was of course lots of mahjong. Lockdown never seemed to end and then when restrictions finally lifted omicron reared it’s head and now it’s all about the boosters and trying to get our hands on rapid tests.

There were many great shows like Clickbait and Wanda Vision, but Squid Game reigned supreme and was this years Tiger King. The 8th season of Brooklyn 99 came to a somewhat satisfying end but let us all forget how terrible Jupiter’s Legacy was.

I started a new job during lockdown and wfh has been both good (I can live in my Oodie) and bad (it’s hard to bond with new workmates). Not too much baking was done this year, I was mainly a potato but I did end up making a giant Kit Kat using 1.5kg of chocolate.

We said farewell to Poh Poh and while it was incredibly sad we know she’s in a better place eating all the prawn crackers and kuih.

My side hustle @helloisitbrie took off after good ol Gladys told everyone to picnic in the park and it was cheese grazing boxes galore. I particularly loved using @castelloau blue, it’s creamy with a bit of bite and great for an introductory blue

@nimbus_the_floof is still as adorbs and as fluffy as ever. She has thankfully stopped chewing the couch and happily destroys toilet rolls instead. Her favourite snacks are still chicken, shredded cheese and raw green beans.

New restaurant faves were all ones in the hood, @oishisydney for their unagi and yakitori, @bysangsydney for their incredible miso toothfish and @supernashbrothers for their spicy Nashville fried chicken sandos. Special mention to @donutpapi and their creative donut specials, I loved the pepperoni donut pizza!

Thank you internet friends for the laughs, love and support! Happy NY and here’s to a safe and delicious 2022!

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