Rocks Brewing Company, Alexandria

1 February 2015, 23:33

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Rocks Brewing Company, Alexandria- 1.4kg Cape Byron Tomahawk Steak ($55)
MY PRECIOUSSSSS!!! There’s just something about a big honking piece of meat that gets me all excited. Pair the meat with some tasty beverages and you’ve got yourself one happy camper.

Rocks Brewing Company, Alexandria- Brewery
Since we moved into the city, I’m absolutely loving how much closer everything is! The Rocks Brewing Company (160 Bourke Rd, Alexandria) has been on my hit list for a while now but I’d always been deterred in getting there but I managed to convince the boy that there would be meat and alcohol and boom!

Rocks Brewing Company, Alexandria- Rocks Scrambled Eggs ($15)
We timed our first visit so we’d make the tail end of breakfast to order the ricotta hotcakes I’d heard so much about but ALAS they’d run out of ricotta! Instead I order the Rocks Scrambled Eggs ($15), fluffy scrambled eggs are folded through with tomato, feta, chilli oil and bacon on sourdough toast.

Rocks Brewing Company, Alexandria- Eggs Benedict with Conviction ($16)
Noods has ordered the Eggs Benedict with Conviction ($16) and I am immediately green with envy at the sight of the golden hash brown under crispy smoked bacon, wilted spinach, poached eggs and blanketed in rich hollandaise. I send sad looks at Noods until he relents and switches plates.

Rocks Brewing Company, Alexandria- beer taps
By the time we’d finished brekkie we thought it was a respectable hour to try some of their beers :P

Rocks Brewing Company, Alexandria- Beer Paddle
Tasting paddles are pretty good value with 5 samples for $10. I liked the Drunken Monk, a smooth Belgian golden ale with a crazy high alcohol content of 8.2% zomg so easy to drink though!

Rocks Brewing Company, Alexandria- lamb on a spit
We’d planned our next visit to coincide with Australia Day so we could bring our Malaysian rellies (HI UNCLE KEN AND MOON YEE!!!) to check out a good ol lamb on a spit mmm that lamb smelled so good!

Rocks Brewing Company, Alexandria- Lamb Sandwiches ($6)
The Lamb Rolls ($6 each) were awesome and stuffed with a generous amount of tender lamb. There was a choice of tomato sauce, bbq or gravy so we got one with each but the gravy was hands down the favourite and I would’ve happily drowned anything and everything in that beautiful rich gravy.

Rocks Brewing Company, Alexandria- 1.4kg Cape Byron Tomahawk Steak ($55)
The special of the day was the 1.4kg Cape Byron Tomahawk Steak ($55) and it is a thing of beauty, charred on the edges but a perfect medium rare centre. It came with crunchilicious roasted potato wedges, a splodge of semi dried tomato and mushroom sauce. It was tasty with a capital T and didn’t really need the mushroom sauce because DAYUM dat steak! Juicy max!

Rocks Brewing Company, Alexandria- Fig and Prosciutto Salad ($18)
There was a vote for some kind of salad to even out the meat overload so we ordered the Fig and Prosciutto Salad ($18) which was deeeelicious and had the perfect balance of flavours. There was enough gorgonzola to satisfy my cheese needs but not too much that it killed everything else it touched and the combo of prosciutto and figs is always a winner. Oh and there was roasted hazelnuts which were awesome.

Rocks Brewing Company, Alexandria- Spicy Hot Wings ($12.50)
It was a pretty wet day and because I was craving something spicy we ordered the Spicy Hot Wings ($12.50), southern fried chicken wings tossed in Louisiana hot sauce. Surprisingly they weren’t actually that hot and sent my tastebuds a light tingle instead.

Rocks Brewing Company, Alexandria- Smoked Beef Brisket Sandwich ($18)
I had high hopes for the Smoked Beef Brisket Sandwich ($18) and it did not disappoint. I mean, LOOK AT IT! It’s just so gosh darn BEEYOOTIFUL! The bread roll was lightly toasted and jam packed with fat slices of melt in the mouth brisket, grilled onions, Rocks BBQ sauce and smothered in melty cheese. Oh and waffle fries on the side! Seriously, that was was mighty fine sandwich!

Rocks Brewing Company, Alexandria- Smoked Pork and Fennel Sausages ($16)
We ordered Smoked Pork and Fennel Sausages ($16) with mashed potato, caramelised onion and gravy which the nieces devoured in record time.

Rocks Brewing Company, Alexandria- Convict Lager Battered Fish & Chips ($17)
And the Convict Lager Battered Fish & Chips ($17) which were golden and perfect with a super light batter.

Rocks Brewing Company, Alexandria- Seating
The Rocks Brewing Company is just down the road from The Grounds but with plenty of parking and a pretty top notch menu. The brewery supplies their beer to Hart’s Pub and the Lord Raglan and there’s also brewery tours for $20 (includes beer tasting). I’ll def be back for that brisket sandwich!

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Aqua S, Sydney

25 January 2015, 16:33

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Aqua S, Sydney - Sea Salt Soft Serve
My love for ice cream beats my love for fried chicken and for cheese so when new kid on the block Aqua S opened up in Regents Place (Shop 27, 501 George St, Sydney), I was eager to fulfil my dessert stomach’s cravings. This beauty is the sea salt soft serve with caramel popcorn, popping candy, toasted marshmallow, dark chocolate cone and a cloud of fairy floss!

Aqua S, Sydney - Inside
Aqua S is directly opposite Chanoma and it’s crazy to see how popular they’ve gotten these past 2 weeks! I’m sure the highly Instagramably presentations don’t hurt either!

Aqua S, Sydney - Flavours
So first, pick yo flavour. Currently the flavours are Lemon Tea, Sea Salt and Biscotti. The sea salt flavour with stay as a permanent flavour and every 2 weeks there will be new flavours. It’s $3.80 for a chocolate cone or a small cup, $4.30 for a large cup.

Aqua S, Sydney - Toppings
Then toppings time! There’s popping candy, fairy floss, caramel popcorn and grilled marshmallows. It’s $1.50 for 1 topping, $2.50 for 2 toppings or the All You Can Eat for $4.20 which is all the toppings though I find the name misleading cos I would totally just pack on a heapload of marshmallows until the marshmallow to ice cream ratio is whack. Oh and yeah, you don’t have to get toppings, whatever floats your boat!

Aqua S, Sydney - Fairy Floss
I loved watching them make the fairy floss! It’s my dream to one day own a commercial fairy floss machine. The itty bitty ones at the shops take too damn long to heat up for the amounts that I can consume.

Aqua S, Sydney - Soft Serve

Aqua S, Sydney - Toasted Marshmallow
I fricken love toasted marshmallows!!! There’s just something about the caramelised edges and oozy innards that makes me feel like I’m eating my childhood dreams…

The lemon tea soft serve is my fave because it’s sour, refreshing and zingy! It didn’t need all the toppings but hey it sure is purdy :P

Aqua S, Sydney - Biscotti Soft Serve
On another visit I had the biscotti but in a cup and they’d put the popcorn on the bottom which was impossible to get to but since then they’ve sprinkled the popcorn on top which is ace. I wasn’t as keen on the biscotti flavour mainly because when I think of biscotti I think of biscotti packed full with nuts and this soft serve didn’t really have a particularly strong flavour? I still ate it though because, ice cream.

Aqua S, Sydney - Lemon Tea and Sea Salt Soft Serve
Oh and if you can’t decide between 2 flavours you can get them twinned!

Aqua S, Sydney - Lemon Tea Soft Serve
Though personally this is my all time fave combo- lemon tea with 2 toasted marshmallows :D The soft serve melts incredibly fast so as soon as you’ve taken a photo I’d recommend staying put!

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Brewristas, Glebe

18 January 2015, 01:49

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FOOOODS! So one fine day a bunch of us kicked off the new year by meeting for brunch at newly opened Brewristas (73 Glebe Point Rd, Glebe).

We spy Kevin, part owner of Brewristas tending to his cold drip towers, syphons and pour over station and know we’re in for a caffeinated treat.

We order 3 bottles of Brewrista’s hand crafted cold drip coffees- Cold Brew ($9), Brewmonade ($10) and Brewtea ($10). I’m not an expert of coffee by any means, I know what I like and don’t like so Raff has been slowly teaching me the different methods and importance of the beans sourced. I liked the Cold Brew which tasted clean and sweet, the Brewmonade (cold drip with home lemonade) was refreshing but I found a tad on the sweet side. I loved the Brewtea the most (cold drip coffee with cold drip tea), although I’m not sure if it’s because Malaysians always drink Cham, a combo of coffee and tea so I thought this tasted familiar. Anywhos check out Raff’s post here for more detailed descriptions on the coffee :P

Brewristas, Glebe- Vietnamese Ca Phe Sua Da ($5)
On another visit with Toan, I couldn’t resist the Vietnamese Ca Phe Sua Da ($5), iced coffee served over condensed milk and it’s bloody good, as is anything with condensed milk.

Kevin’s Balls ($10) are filled with roasted pork belly, tofu, spicy kimchi, sweet potato and encrusted with shin ramyun. I was worried it’d be too much novelty and no taste but was pleasantly surprised with how (dare I say this..) MOREISH the balls were! The noodles provided the glorious crunch factor and housed the juicy pork belly within. I didn’t really taste much sweet potato which was a shame because I heart sweet potato but it was probably used more as a binder for all the ingredients in the ball than for flavour.

We order the Grilled Eggplant Stack ($14) with grilled zucchini, roasted tomatoes, mushrooms, basil, thai pesto, sweet potato puree and bocconcini with additional Chorizo ($3) because hey, CHORIZO EQUALS HAPPINESS! The eggplant was totally the star of this dish though (I REFUSE TO SAY HERO), each slice was fat and juicy with a nice smokiness to it. I loved the itty bitty bocconcini scattered around but would’ve loved more mainly because cheese is awesome.

Porky Pig’s Hotteok ($15) is a honey jam pancake sandwiched with crispy bacon, a poached egg, spicy guacamole, rocket and a mango & habanero mayo. The honey jam pancake is more of a muffin stuffed with honey jam, I know some people aren’t quite on the sweet and savoury combo bandwagon but as for me I’m firmly in that wagon and happily driving away.

Innards shot of the pancake! It kinda reminded me of this fried lotus paste bun desserts I used to eat growing up, I’m attempting to access my memory with the name but am failing and google isn’t helping for once (edit: Heong Peng!). The dish doesn’t really need the mango & habanero mayo once the gooey egg yolk is pierced and smothers everything in sight with its golden river of happiness. It does get a bit rich but hey you’re worth it.

Coconut Poached Chicken Salad ($16) with spinach, fennel, coriander, watercress, topped with fried shallots, drizzled with a pomegranate infused lemon dressing. Truth be told we ordered this salad out of a feeling of guilt because we all knew that our nutrient intake could always use a boost and for a salad this was pretty tasty especially with the juicy pops of pomegranate seeds. My tastebuds were super confused with the tender strips of coconut chicken because I’m so used to the flavour of coconut + chicken to be in a laksa!

Ultimate Nutella Frappe ($7) is made with heaps of Nutella, vanilla ice cream, a double espresso shot and ice, all blended together. I was buzzing from all the caffeine I’d already consumed so opted for the frappe minus the espresso shot because I’m weak haha and ohhh boy is this drink rich! Definitely one for the nutella lovers!

Brewristas, Glebe- Tiramisu Pot Plant ($10)
Of course what’s a meal without dessert? The Tiramisu Pot Plant ($10) is cute as a button and equally delicious. Layers of ladyfingers are soaked in Brewrista’s espresso with sweet mascarpone mousse and topped with chocolate biscuit crumbs for the ‘dirt’.

A lot of the cafes in Glebe close quite early but Brewristas is open from 1pm to 10pm on weekdays, from 10am to midnight on Saturday and from 10am to 9pm on Sunday. I’ll definitely be back for my next caffeine hit!

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