Waterman's Lobster Co., Potts Point

14 June 2015, 21:57

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I know, I know, I generally don’t blog about a place when they’ve just opened but when I saw pics of the Lobster Roll- Connecticut style, with warm butter ($18) floating around on Instagram I was dying to see if I could find a closer to home substitute to Supernormal.

And it was pretty darn tasty with a generous amount of lobster meat! Although, not gonna lie, but whenever butter is mentioned as an ingredient I automatically imagine a nice pool of glorious butter so I was hoping the lobster would be drowned in butter but this was not the case. So yeah it was a tad dry but it was still tasty, the butter let the natural sweetness of the lobster shine through. But yeah more butter would’ve been awesome because everything tastes better with butter :P There’s the option of adding a pickle ($1) but I went with fries ($2) which were golden and crunchy and just perfect.

Lobster Roll- Maine style, with mayo and celery ($18). The boy and I loved this roll the most, the lobster was smothered in a creamy mayo and the celery provided a welcome crunch. The roll itself was pretty awesome too, soft and fluffy on the inside and nicely toasted on the outside.

Oh and we had some starters too, I’m not sure why but I was so convinced that the Fish Rillettes ($15) would be salmon, instead it was a combination of yellowfin tuna and bonito and comes with a side of pickled carrots and a bowl of saltines crackers. I wasn’t completely sold on this, the taste and texture of the rillettes reminded me of the canned tuna and crackers you get from the shops when you’re low on funds… On the table there was a tiny plate filled with a special house made chilli salt and a nori salt which were sprinkled pretty liberally and was pretty damn addictive.

And we also ordered the Kingfish tartare ($17) which while a little heavy on the lemon juice was nice and refreshing with the ribbons of seaweed and radish slices and would be perfect in summer. I liked the slices of chilli which gave the dish a kick in the pants. Or should that be mouth?

I was really looking forward to desserts because for me a meal is never complete without something sweet but sadly Waterman’s Lobster Co don’t have any desserts just yet which just means another visit is in order!

Waterman’s Lobster Co.
5/29 Orwell Street
Potts Point NSW

Trading Hours:
Mon – Sat: 12pm – Late
Sun: 10am – 6pm

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The Vogue Cafe @ Macquarie Centre, Macquarie Park

8 June 2015, 01:38

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So ok, yes I was drawn to the novelty of the drinks at The Vogue Cafe in Macquarie Shopping Centre but c’mon, LOOK AT IT! This here is the Kinder Surprise ($8.50) and it is as amazing as it looks! A super creamy hot chocolate with half a Kinder Surprise, a stick of Kinder Bueno and whole hazelnuts! The only down side is we kinda wished we got the toy that would’ve been inside the Kinder Surprise egg…

The Peanut Butter Milkshake ($8) is just as epic in presentation with a freaking chocolate dipped waffle cone filled with sour gummy worms shoved in the middle of the glass. The milkshake is rich with a super intense hit of peanut butter and with crushed peanuts for good measure. It was totally a meal on its own, we saw people unable to finish their drinks and having to pour into takeaway cups.

I was thinking of getting the pancakes but after the sweetness of the drinks I was glad I chose the Eggs Benedict ($16.50), opting for crispy bacon instead of ham or smoked salmon. The eggs are awesome with perfectly gooey egg yolk centres that flow like a river of happiness over a fat slice of buttery panini. I loved the hollandaise sauce which had the right amount of creamyness and lemony tang.

Noods of course goes for the Big Brekkie ($17), he liked the amount of food on the plate but did wish that the butter wasn’t just in the sterile looking sealed containers or the tomato sauced poured sloppily into a plastic container and plonked on top of the plate haha

The cafe is a bit hard to find, you won’t see it just by walking around the centre cos it’s kinda part of the entrance of the car park so get up to level 2 and look for a turnoff to the left of Myers. Food is your usual cafe standard but defs go for the drinks if you’re in need of a rest break after the horror that is the lack of change rooms at H&M!

The Vogue Cafe
Shop 68, Level 2,
Macquarie Shopping Centre,
Corner Of Herring & Waterloo Road,
Macquarie Park

Trading Hours:
Mon-Weds, Fri: 9.30am – 6pm
Thurs: 9.30am – 9pm
Sat: 9am – 6pm
Sun: 10am – 6pm

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Pinbone, Woollahra

1 June 2015, 03:09

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Every year for my birthday I pick a fine dining restaurant that I want to visit with the boy but this year I wanted someplace less schmancy but still with amazing food. Don’t get me wrong I love fine dining restaurants but this year I wanted to be able to take our time over our meal, not have to deal with snooty service or be rushed out for the second table turnover. Enter Pinbone. I’d visited previously for their brunch menu and loved it with every fibre of my being so it was no surprise that Pinbone was high on my hit list.

Pinbone has the option of the Chef’s Selection (Small $65pp or Large $85pp) but we weren’t massively hungry and really all I wanted was their Snacks Menu that I’d seen so much on Instagram so I pretty much ordered 2 of everything. Starting with the ever photogenic Fairy Bread ($4 each)! A fat slice of buttery brioche has a thin schmear of mascarpone cheese and the 100’s & 1000’s are replaced with caviar and flying fish roe for a brinylicious pop. I’d take this adult version any day!

The Corn and bacon gougeres ($4 each) are incredibly light and airy, stuffed with a smooth and creamy corn filling and topped with a salty bacon crumble that rocked my world.

The Crispy chicken skin, bread sauce, anchovy ($4 each) was mind blowing especially now that I am residing in the anchovy loving camp but seriously, how can chicken skin be so amazing!? It’s entirely possible that I loved the chicken skin more than the Pork crackling, ricotta, smoked rockmelon ($4 each) though I would say it’s a super close call. The pork crackling was delicious and all but I wasn’t sold on the curl of smoked rockmelon which was weird because usually I love any foods that have been smoked.

The Oyster, beef carpaccio, dill pickle ($5 each) is downed in one go and my mouth is all kinds of confused at the combo of briny oyster and sour pickle and savoury beef slices. Surf n turf comes to mind but this was just way better.

I can’t help but smile at the name of the Smoky, cheesy, potato thing ($4 each), basically a potato skin filled with a molten smoked cheese that punches you in the face with flavour and deliciousness.

The Lamb rib ($5 each) was everything I’d hoped for and more- there was a nice layer of fat over the juicy meat and the caramelised edges along with the toasted almond flakes had me seriously considering a second/third/fourth round of ribs.

The serving of Chicken liver parfait with persimmon ($18) was pretty generous which was awesome for me because my god was it tasty! Silky smooth and rich, the sprinkle of konbu just amped up the flavour into the stratospheric level of oh-man-I-don’t-want-to-stop-eating. And the persimmon! I’ve never had persimmon paired with parfait before and it is perfect- sweet, but not tooth achingly so.

Noods had his heart set on the Rabbit tartare, pine mushrooms, paperbark ash mayo ($18) which had an intriguing flavour and wasn’t too gamey. The generous amount of tartare did mean he had to pack it onto the lettuce leaf cups but he thought the dish was amazing and would return for that alone.

Whereas I fell in love with the Mushrooms, yolk, sake ($14)- a whole forest of funghi, each with their own unique taste and texture coated in the glorious richness that is egg yolk.

The kitchen sent us a couple of freebies (thanks guys!) and I was super happy to see the Bonito sashimi, roasted bonito dashi, cima di rapa ($20) because I had originally wanted to order this but was worried we’d have too much food. I’ve only ever had bonito maybe twice before in a form not of flake variety so was pleasantly surprised at how delicious it tasted sashimi style. I especially loved the dashi which was rich and packed full of umami notes and would’ve loved a bowl of rice to mop up the sauce as pure comfort food.

The Peanut custard, pickled peanuts, edamame ($20) was interesting, the smooth custard was light and the pops of the edamame somehow just made my soul feel nourished.

We’d thought we had survived the savouries and would only just be able to fit in dessert but then Crispy skin chicken with garlic sauce and shiso vinegar arrived and we groaned in despair when we tried a piece because it was so fricken good that it would be a travesty if we didn’t finish it. So we did. And almost exploded. The skin was almost like crackling yet the meat was so juicy and tender! And that garlic sauce omg we just could not stop eating it!

But we all know that I have a separate stomach for dessert :P The kitchen sent out a dessert that they had been trialling- Coconut and musk, a rehydrated coconut sponge and frozen musk mousse and damn guys, this totally needs to be on the menu! The coconut sponge reminded me of a tres leche cake, it was super fluffy and light and moist (I’m sorry! I hate that word too but there’s really no other word to describe it!). The musk mousse took me back to my childhood years of receiving the goodie bags at bday parties and sneakily shoving as many of the fluro pink lollies into my mouth. Heh those were the days :P

The Neapolitan ($14) is a play on the classic tri coloured ice cream but Pinbone’s version is a creamy vanilla parfait, strawberry tapioca and chocolate mousse rolled in chocolate crumbs. Amazing does not even begin to describe this.

The Lemon curd, burnt milk, custard, black olive ($14) is my fave dessert of the bunch because I heart lemon curd and could eat a bucketload of the stuff and not be sick of it. The sweetness of the aerated lemon curd is balanced with the custard and considering how much I absolutely hate olives I found that they actually worked in this and somehow everything just balanced and tasted awesome!

There’s about 20 dishes on the share plates menu and I feel like I’ve barely scratched the surface of what else Pinbone has to offer so guess that means another visit is imminent! The restaurant is super cosy and I have never had such an amazing meal that was matched with equally amazing service!

3 Jersey Rd,

Trading Hours:
Dinner- Wed – Sat: 6pm-late
Brunch- Sun, 8am-3.30pm

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