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  15 August 2006

ahhh another day off work to go traipsing around the city! First a snack stop at Savoy (Shop 4, 76 Ultimo Rd Haymarket) a chinese bakery that i dont remember ever being there (but hey im half blind as it is).

A long spongey rectangle called Clap was purchased for the bargan $1.50!

It tasted like a normal chinese sponge cake but its outsides had a french toast-like eggyness… mmm egg. (dudes i so cant wait to mooncake eating time!)

and the incredible sour sweet candy for $2.60!

all chinese should know the sour plum thing? With its wrinkled grey appearance giving the impression that it has long passed its best before date? yeah that. But this candy surrounds that sour plum with a giant coating of SUGAR that tastes like those 50c toffees you get at school carnivales… mmm those good ol days…

and then from haymarket we WALKED all the way to the rocks (hey for us it is an incredible big deal hehe we’re so lazy im surprised we’re not fat from all the eating and no exercise lol)
Lunch was at Amo Roma (135 George St, the Rocks)

If you ever come here NEVER sit in the room closest to the door… it feels so cold and spirit killing there…

Tuna al Carpaccio ($16)

Thinly sliced eye fillet of tuna with shaved parmesan, extra virgin olive oil, lemon juice & cracked black pepper. This is FANTASTIC! They used to have beef carpaccio which was alot more tastier but this was very good. They always have the right balance of olive oil with lemon juice and the rocket goes well with the tuna but not the spanish onion.

Casareci Gamberi ($18)

I didnt know what casareci was (apparently its “made from short lengths of pasta that have been rolled at the edges and slightly twisted”) but i found it incredibly amusing that the strands were in pairs and didnt want to separate so i had much pleasure in ripping apart the strands from its partner and munching on one half and leaving the other half to cry out to be reunited ho ho ho

Penne Crab ($18)

noods thought this was ok and managed to shovel it all away in his bottomless stomach. I liked the crab bits but not the tomato base

The Rocks outdoor markets were on and we wandered around and grabbed some pistachio nougat ($3)

and some praline peanuts ($3)

and then took the TRAIN back to town hall to go buy me some books from kinokuniya where we decided to go to Ichiban Boshi (Level 2, The Galeries Victoria 500 George St, Sydney)

The very first time we went there we werent very hungry but ordered the tonkatsu out of curiosity and ever since then weve been returning at all times onli to find out that its all sold out or not made yet. Ive had to put up with noods whinging about lack of tonkatsu goodness and then today we were greeted with laminated sheets of paper extoling the wonders of tonkatsu.

Tonkatsu Ramen ($9.90)

We ordered 2 bowls even tho we knew we wouldnt be able to finish them. i think we ordered them more out of spite for all the times we missed out hehe mmm look at all the fatty collagen goodness! That slice of pork just melts in your mouth!

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