cafe lenotre

  8 March 2007

anyone who has seen charlie and the chocolate factory (both the old version and the new) will remember that feeling of jealousy at not being able to roam free in the land of all things edible and stick their head into the chocolate river… after a hard days work of shopping at Siam Paragon Bangkok we stumbled into Cafe Lenotre after seeing a tower of colourful macarons in the store window

lol sorry my heads in the way haha they didnt seem too keen on us taking fotos so my dad opted for the ‘pretend im taking a foto of you when realli im taking a foto of the tower’ but didnt focus right and actually got my head instead…

macarons! so so tasty! tasty bundles of joy! and because bangkok is like uber cheap we bought 2 boxes which unfortunately had a shelf life of 2 days so we scarfed them in the hotel later

Douceur Noisette 135baht/$4.80. yeh i couldnt pronounce that in english let alone tell the thai waiter i wanted water… so i just pointed like an ignorant tourist hohoho this little square was fantastic! creamy chocolate mousse layers over chocolate fudge and sitting on a beautifully crisp caramelly wafer

Tiramisu 125baht/$4.40. so creamy mmm i was good up till about halfway when the 2 inch thick pool of coffee liquer made me woozy and then had to pass to noods haha

Volute 170baht/$6.30. apparently this is famous and i can see why… a base of chocolate biscuit and a sheet of dark chocolate wrap a layer of chocolate sponge cake, covered by a dome of chocolate-mousse, topped with tea-flavoured creme brulee… the combination of flavours is incredible and uh very sweet…

Assorted Creme Brulee 170baht/$6.30. mmm our flavours were mango, green tea and jasmin. a perfect layer of crunchy caramelised sugar granules protecting the smooth custardy goodness i think jasmin was my favourite becos its an unusual flavour also got some sugar cookies and the cutest tiniest teacake

Opera 85baht/$2.96. the cheapest out of all it was also our least favourite. it was still good but i expected alot more from this classic i guess.

noods looks like he cant wait to stab either me or the cake…

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