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  6 April 2007

since creating this blog ive had fun taking fotos of food and reviewing restaurants safe in the knowledge that noone will remember the scrawny asian girl whos always dressed in tshirt and jeans who just happens to take fotos of everything she eats. but it seems my anonymity has come to an end!

i took the mothership and my aunt whos visiting from malaysia to Euro Lounge (Shop 21- The Piazza Castle Towers Shopping Centre, Old Northern Rd, Castle Hill) for their new english high tea ($17.50 p.p) served between 10am – 4pm every day. most high teas are usually found in the city hotels on weekends so its great to find a place thats in the baulkham hills area

mmm look at all the yummy babies! the three-tiered stand also comes with a bottomless pot of tea and it was while the friendly waiter dude was pouring my tea did he say “hows everything ladies? hope you enjoy your high tea… SUSAN… it IS susan right?” and i was so shocked all i could do was stammer “what what what? how do you know my name?” and he said “we make it a point to recognise all our future food critics” HAHAHAHHA and im thinking theres no way im a food critic because my style of writing is 1/3 iron chef asian lady [mmm OISHII], 1/3 attempt at Grab Your Fork’s proper review layout style and 1/3 of Robyn’s random descriptions [ZOMG] lol but it was certainly a nice 15mins of fame feeling!

top tier: yay finger sandwiches with no crusts! fillings were smoked salmon and cucumber n cream cheese

middle tier: warm homemade scones fresh from the oven with a ginormous amount of jam and tasty smooth cream mmm dairy

third tier: sweeeeet petit fours my favourite! chocolate ganache mini tarts with pistachios, creamy white and dark chocolate balls, chocolate mousse mini tarts topped with fresh strawberries, slices of fruit crumble cake and mini chocolate cases topped with scolls of moreeee chocolate

and because it was nearish to lunch we ordered the chefs entree tasting plate for two ($24.90)

giant sized oyster filled with briny goodness

an uber fresh scallop perfectly cooked and topped with prosciutto

honey pumpkin soup oh man i love thick soups and this was filled with so much flavour i wanted to drink the other cup haha

zuchinni flowers stuffed with goats cheese hmm wasnt quite a fan because of the goats cheese but i loved the light crunchy coating of the flowers

jumbo sized prawn on a bed of sweet mango and coriander salsa

pepper cured tuna topped with caviar mmm i loveee fish thats not over cooked

mothership, aunty, meee

heh it was nice to meet you Peter! you and your team are doin a tops job we had a lovely time eating the prettily presented food and will be back soon

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