Easter Show 2007 fotos

  12 April 2007

the Easter Show! a place for the young, the old and the in betweens!

welcome! hohoho me and noods decided to chance going on monday on the long weekend and brave the crowds and luckily it wasnt as packed as i feared (except in the showbag area where i can imagine little kids getting trampled)

but first stop is at the cheese on a stick store my most favourite food store in the whole show and the onli place i can get these babies:

CHEESE ON A STICK ($3.50)!!! the greatest invention EVER! i mean cheese is fantasticly tasty by itself and deep frying makes everything even MORE tastier mmm river of golden cheesey gooiness encased in crispy crunchy batter ON A STICK! i say to you what more can you ask for??? NOTHING [except maybe some lemonade mmm lemonade]

cornutopia hee what a name


oooh buttery corn ($4) with extra butter and salt and pepper and chilli yeah this was tasty but maybe layoff on the chilli it was very spicy [mmm more lemonade]

twisted chips! standing in line at this store nearli made me go nuts as i stood behind a boy who kept swinging his inflated axe to the neverending loop of ‘lets twist again like we did last summer’

but it was worth the wait mmm twisted fries ($6) doused in tomato sauce this was a tad expensive but the serving size was huge man and between me, noods, the mothership and my aunt we were struggling and theres still so much more to eat!

movenpick icecream. look at the hordes

mmm macadamia and maple n walnut so so tasty i miss hagen daz icecream

noods made me walk under the cow to see the udders hehe


bacon. i mean pork. wait i mean ham!

this skeleton was rather freaky it was just sitting in a shed right next to the lamb cutlets…

elvis! hoho so cute

the sign says “200 blue dairy farmer milk crates go missing every hour… this buys a tonne of hay, which feeds 70 cows per day during the drought. so give farmers a break and bring back a crate!

my favourite fruit n veg display. the butterflies MOVED!

me second favourite. artist palette!

my favourite decorated cake mmm sushi by annie lo the same girl who did the yumcha cake last year!

we had earli dinner/late lunchies at i think it was Sydney Royal rill. me ribeye steak ($22.50)

noods’ new york steak ($22.50)

so so freaky i hate clowns… but such a preetty picture…

hoho the very last weekend that wonderland was open me and noods tried so very hard but failed to win a stuffed dice and every easter show since then we’ve tried playing different games to win the dice and then this year we stepped up to a ‘poker game’ where you have to roll and aim your 5 balls into the corresponding holes of ace, king, queen and jacks and you play against other people and not the rigged games of the carnies and w00t w00t w00t i won on our very first game lol so we decided to leave straight away and not lose more money haha

me showbags heh all warheads and some good ol bertie beetles!

and of course the bucket of fairy floss to rot more of my teeth

mmm candy

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