Lindt Cafe Cockle Bay Wharf

  15 April 2007

After dinner at Kobe Jones we went for a walk down to the new Lindt cafe on Cockle Bay Wharf


mmm cakes… i will be back to devour you all just you wait hoho

awww chocolate! im poor! cant afford the pretty babies

hee look at all the balls

me macarons! pistachio, champagne and chooocolate

hee crossection Robyn style! the pistachio and champagne macarons were onli okay tasting they were kinda flavourless but i liked the textures of the crispy shell and innards. the chocolate one was a giant disappointment that was heaps of chocolatey flavour but the shell was rock hard and it felt like i was eating brownie. which is good becos i like brownies but i wanted something that would go floof in my mouth… ill prolly back to get more macarons even tho they werent as mindblowingly good as Cafe Lenotre in Bangkok hmm but i love me macarons

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