Rise Omakase 4th time

  23 April 2007

dya think its possible of too much of a good thing? i sure do. ever since me and noods brought the parentals to Rise they keep wanting to bring all our friends and rellies there whenever we have an occasion to celebrate. sooooo back to Rise for a fourth time! and um my descriptions of everything might sound a little unenthusiastic because this was a while ago…

Rise (23 Craigend St, Darlinghurst) is a small boutique sized japanese restaurant and if you go on a tues, wed or sun then the degustation menu is 30% off which means it is a sexy $42 p.p for 7 courses

Appetizer: Chicken and tofu salad with sesame miso sauce. mmm tofu i like tofu! its silky soft and makes me feel so cleeean

Soup: Clear broth with fried tofu stuffed with calamari mince. warm soul tasty brothhhh

Assorted Sashimi: Salmon, Kingfish, Oyster. the oyster! oh dear lord the oyster! it was so good man it was bursting with oyster juices and sitting in a briny soy saucey combo that realli sounds much tastier than how i describe it! the salmon and kingfish were realli good too but the oyster won the raw seafood tasty pagent by a mile

Seasonal plate

Soft shell crab sushi roll. the soft shell crab was perfectly crispy with a light batter surrounding its crabby flesh onli bad point was the uber hot wasabi hiding in the sushi roll oh crap that was mouth burning hot

Spicy tuna tartare in wonton cup. this was mouth burning hot too! dude my tastebuds just died a horrible death and then couldnt taste much after that…

Cured salmon with spiced mayo. ahhh nice cooling salmon but wait spiced mayo??? arghhh the pain… i have put my malaysion ancestry to shame

Pasta dish: Grilled scallop with rice noodle and green papaya salad. the scallop was tasty stuff. i wish there was another one in there… and i was hardpressed to find the papaya salad…

Main: Lingfish tempura, roasted capsicum and eggplant ragu with soy mizore sauce. i thought they did a type when the menu said lingfish but according to the wonderful world of google lingfish is “Any of several deepwater long-bodied fishes of the cod family found in the North Atlantic” so basically it was cod… it was ok… as tasty as any cooked fish can be…

Dessert: Pannacotta with peach granita. i liked the granita part. not so much the pannacotta. but it was good. i just wanted more granita…


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