food bloggers meet up at Nick's Seafood Restaurant and Lindt Cockle Bay Wharf

  29 April 2007

food blogs are all the rage these days, kids havent you heard? on the train, on the bus, on the radio i hear people mentioning various food blogs and comparing the writers opinions on restaurants. us foodie writers band together in our small community, leaving comments on posts, participating in online bakeoffs and rarely do we ever see each other in person. but with swee from a self proclaimed foodaholic leaving australia to go back to the land of cheap food and shopping aka malaysia, me, helen from grab your fork, jenny from panda-n-cakes and suyin from cooking is my passion decided to have a lil farewell lunch at Nicks Seafood Restaurant

Nick’s Seafood Restaurant The Promenade – Cockle Bay Wharf

a nice normal shot of jenny and me before the food makes me go crazy hoho nice to finally meet you dude and congrats on your new job

food time! we got a nice waiter the service here is tops

Seafood Chowder ($14.50). chowderrrr anyone? hehe go simpsons! i loved the chowderrr it was creamy with bits of cheesey goodness and huge chunks of tender fish floating around lol noods the greedy piggie wanted clams in it but i say it was close to perfect if onli they had given me some bread to dunk in it becos im soooo classy

Vongole and Crab Meat Pasta with Parmesan, Tomato and Pesto Sauce ($29.50). me pasta oh dear this was huge it was pretty tasty with lots of crab meat chunks but very filling i managed maybe 1/5th of this and pawned the rest to noods

Kangaroo Fillet and Oysters with Tomato Chutney, Chargrilled Herb Polenta ($31) noods loves his aussie animals and he also managed to scored 3 juicy oysters instead of prawns because you know, hed stop breathing if he ate one (AGAIN at the SAME restaurant).

jennys Grilled Salmon Fillet ($30). the fishy was cooked perfectly with a lovely soft pale pink centre. i was jealous hehe next time id get that

jennys bf justin got the Roast Rack of Lamb with Minted Potatoes, Pea Puree and Sage Jus ($33) aw this looked tasty too i loveeee lamb but the pea puree was bright neon green hmm

swees Grilled Salmon Tail with Bell Pepper, Saffron and Parmesan Pilaf ($31) ooh i like prettily presented foods

helens fishy and i cant for the life of me remember what this was… but it looked good? um and she finished it all so it mustve been good? unless you were hungry? hmm

suyins Grilled Whole Baby Barramundi ($29). this is the pretty fish before suyin demolishes it…

and suyin and the fish after it has been beheaded, betailed and deboned for faster eating hehe and dude i loooove your tshirt!

da crew! l-r: justin, jenny, me, noods, suyin, swee, helen

and then dessert time at lindt!

the lindt ppl weren’t too happy with us taking so many fotos hehe but thats what you get when you combine 5 eager foodies and a very preety chocolate shop




balls! i get drawn towards colour coordinated things…

and da cakes lol clever helen decided to buy a whole cake and split it at the table instead of buying $10 midget slices

helen youre my HEROOOO im glad i got to talk to you a lot more and get to know you better and tops idea with the cake dude!

Pistachio & Berry Dacquoise ($35) Layers of coconut sponge and a white chocolate and pistachio ganache with a generous spread of berry compote mmm so pretty

swees cake cutting handiwork hehe but look at the layers! so pretty i like layers! but look at the mega thick inch of ganache icing on the sides of the cake…

the cake was pretty good but so very sweet and most normal ppl ate the cake sideways to incorporate the inch thick of icing with something cakey heh but for some reason me and jenny left ours to the end so i dared her to eat a whole spoonful of icing haha its not everyday i find someone who will shove a whole lota icing in their mouth!

the icing mmm sweet sweet icing

my lindt hot milk chocolate ($5.50) look at that tiny eensy pot o chocolate! compared to that huge mother jug of milk i wanted that jug to have the chocolate and the midget pot with milk

noods’ tops pouring skills meant he couldnt pour the milk and the chocolate at the same time heh good work dude

me and noods <3

da food bloggers! me, jenny, suyin, swee, helen. it was good meeting everyone and hope you have a safe trip to malaysia swee!

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