i have new eyes

  24 July 2007

cupcakes for youuu cupcakes for meeee… ill be at Kirribilli markets this sat at Bradfield Park (cnr of Alfred and Burton St, Milsons Point near Luna Park) 7am-3pm selling biscuits and cupcakes come one come all!

the mothership wants me to cut down on the icing becos she reckons its too sweet but i like sweet! im still working on my piping skillz so atm icing is just gonna be smooshed on and not pretty swirls =[

i have new eyes! (hahaha just finished watching minority report) but yeah ive gotten contacts and my eyes are greeny and now i can see! everything is so much more clearer…

and ive started making bead sprites unfortunately i bought the wrong pack and it wont let me bead in straight lines so i gotta buy another board and then i can do my mario sprites whee!

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