hotel chocolat

  22 October 2007

one of the sexiest chocolate websites ive seen in a while: hotel chocolat pronounced “shok-o-LA” is a cocoa grower and chocolatier producing gourmet chocolate so pretty to look at you barely want to eat them! The most awesome photo of their rocky road:

wah so preetty! hotel chocolat has a range of milk, white and dark chocolate mmm go forth and see the dark chocolate gifts and checkout the cutely named ‘peel me an orange dark’ and the ‘chocolate dipping adventure’ hehe

Too bad they’re a US based company because their products look awesome i would love to try the chilli and almond canape but anywhos check out the website here for some great christmas chocolate gifts!

*This is a sponsored post. all these sponsored posts pay me dosh so i can pay for maintenance of this blog. wheee!

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