New Shanghai Chinese Restaurant, Ashfield

  14 July 2008

Ashfield is best known as Little Shanghai among the Chinese community and although it is nowhere near us we’ve heard great stories about the dumplings at New Shanghai Chinese Restaurant (273 Liverpool Road, Ashfield).

i took this foto arond lunch time but the brightly lit restaurant glows from the street at night.

all night these dumpling ladies stand behind a glassed-in room and were hard at work folding, poking and squishing meat into the noodle skin to make the wontons and dumplings. it was kinda hypnotic…

Famous new shanghai steamed mini pork ($6.80) yeah that was the name on the menu. if you have nothing better to do go and grab a takeaway menu and highlight all the spelling mistakes (the mothership counts 17mistakes). eh but anyways moving along now. the dumplings, also known as xiao long bao are fantastic, the noodle skin was just thin enough that it was almost translucent yet still able to hold the magical soupy innards. wait a bit before biting into one or you will surely burn your mouth! or do what my bro does and stab it and save the soup for later…

Shallot pancake ($4.80). Crispy and very morish the fried pancake was chocablock full of shallots

Famous new shanghai pan fried pork bun ($8.80). 10 whole buns arrive all soft and fluffy on the outside and porky goodness on the inside

Egg pancake with fried dough ($4.80). we ordered this mainly because it sounded funny… it was ok the fried dough just tasted like those cruellers you get at yumcha? and the egg pancake was pretty much just a thin crepe with a bit of shallots

Special steamed mini crab meat and pork ($9.80). more dumples! look how the bottoms have poofed out like they want to explode and release its soup to escape our hungry stomachs

and the star of dinner: Deep fried crab with yolk of salted egg ($26.80). have you ever had the salted egg yolk in the mooncakes? yeah imagine that coating on crab… mmm salty goodness!

the only way to eat crab… NOM NOM!

Deep fried bean curd tofu in yolk of salted egg ($12.80). and because we couldnt get enough of the salty eggy goodness we ordered the tofu and while it was pretty good with super soft tofu innards in a crispy coating we thought it needed more of the salted egg coating

Mini pork wonton soup ($4.80). hurhur so cheap! less than $5 and you get a whole bowl of wontons swimming around happily

and because noods is still hungry…

da family

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