11m big slurpee

  10 January 2009

so you know how we australians have a love for all those giant replicas like the Big Pineapple, Big Banana, Big Prawn and the Big Oyster? guess what’s at Coffs Harbour now…

THE BIG SLURPEE!!! bwhahaha that’s right! an 11m high, 6m wide replica of 7-11’s most popular drink has arrived at Coffs Harbour Showground until 3rd march ’09. the Big Slurpee will only be at coffs for a limited time to promote the new 1.2L Slurpees. apparently if you were to pour the Big Slurpee from a Slurpee machine it would take up to 8 months to fill and would take a grown man 14 years to drink… wow id love the challenge!

the website even has photos of the Big Slurpee being dismantled from its birthplace in melbourne and making the trek to coffs!

hee look at them swirls! admission to the Big Slurpee is free but like i dunno if there’s anything to see inside the slurpee or even if they even sell slurpees there. i would hope so tho heh anyone want to go on a road trip?!

images used are screenshots from the big slurpee website

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