karma will kick me hard one day

  22 February 2009

a quick post on some random foods ive been eating this past week. TURN AWAY NOW if you do not wish to see fatty heart clogging food that a nutrition graduate eats! i do not recommend eating the amount of crap you shall see next!

something i used to eat alot of in my early uni days back when i was a non meat eater… a baked potato with garlic butter, cheese, pineapple and a dollop of sour cream. ah carb overload!

the kfc tower burger! something which brings simultaneous disgust and awe on the vogue forums haha it is a chicken fillet burger plus a HASHBROWN oh baby the texture how it crunches!

pizza hut dominos has a new range of pasta in a bowl… the bowl being puff pastry haha it doesnt look too great but for 8bux it was relatively cheap and tasty with the addition of extra cheese

last but not least my 1.2L slurpee! and the free slurpee shirt i won from drinking a previous 1.2L slurpee it’s kinda crazy and psychedelic hey? and that’s all folks!

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