dad's bday at temasek

  31 July 2009

happy birthday daddy! dinner was at temasek (71 George St, Parramatta) home of the fabulous chili crab!

oooh spicy! burning but in a good way haha the also gave us a plate of white bread cut in triangles which was used to sop up all the tasty sauce

hainan chicken and ham. yeah my memory is super fail so i dont know the proper names or prices especially since no website hmm my bad! but the chicken is always super tender and juicy and the boy keeps mumbling soft chicken. mmm. soft.

hokkien mee (singapore style). gotta have noodles on your birthday for long life! a mix of rice and egg noodles there was a generous heap of egg and fresh prawns topped with crunchy deep fried onions

but my fav dish at temasek- the hochien aka the oyster omellete! fat juicy oysters scattered over a mound of fluffy egg. mmm awesomeness

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