chef lex

  7 August 2009

chef lex. he of steak fame has started a blog! and as foodbloggers love any excuse to get together and eat craploads he threw a party for the launch of his new blog: vue de cuisinier at his freaking awesome house. see the water? yeah that’s all i saw too when i stepped thru the front door. joining us in the eats were: richard, shez, simon and steph

and these recipe books sitting stacked in a precarious tower arent there just to look pretty. oh yes these babies do get used! i was in recipe book envy.

food delicious food starts appearing on the table but wait just one more photo!

lex’s awesome blue swimmer crab miso soup

shez’s cauliflower and broccoli soup with super tasty garlic bagel crumbs and garlic infused olive oil

lemons! oh wait i mean oysters! haha

sausages and squeaky haloumi

lex’s maple smoked pork belly. (sorry for the blurblur shot i have no idea why so blur) sweet, super juicy meat and zomg the crackle! simon was lucky enough to find himself sitting right in front of this platter hehe

richard’s honey & soy chicken maryland. mmm look at the shiny glossy skin!

simon’s japanese bento box. porky tonkatsu, king prawn ebi furai (deep fried prawn cutlets), salmon sashimi and tamagoyaki (egg roll). and with individual sauce bottles!

mmm deep fried

of course lex and richard just had to have an eating comp with the oysters haha and i was feeling a little under the weather that day and ive realised i forgot to take photos of the mashed potato. oh man it was so tasty. oh and the sourdough. and the salad. oops.

but what’s this? dessert time? fo sure!

remember my dulce de leche brownies? yup i made them for the party because we were supposed to bring a signature dish but i dont really have one lol but i knew had to bring something chocolatey. and sweet.

steph’s dulce de leche cookies. ohhh man could not stop eating these! i have had an aversion of biscuits due to well, my job but these were so tasty! sweet sweet dulce de leche filling with salty flakes of uh salt on top

steph also made her signature raspberry cupcakes hehe or should i say raspberri?

shez’s cake was a chocolate & orange blossom water layered cake with pistachio cream, butterscotch pear insert and bitter chocolate ganache. yeah i renamed it shezs sexy cake. it was so sexy.

and sneaking in a pic of me with lex’s kiwi fruit on sticks. food on sticks always taste better. that and the kiwis were soaked in a sugar syrup. mmm sweetness. much thanks to lex for the partay and for the hours of guitar hero fun heh heh let’s do it again!

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